What's going on in your life?

Welcome back dude! I’m glad you got your life straightened out, and I definitely know what it’s like to leave the community due to personal issues. Between the end of September in 2015 and April of this year, I had to take a break due to personal stuff. Hope everything’s going well now.

I’m running 25 miles later this week in the Ragnar in Las Vegas, NV, so that’s new. I’ve done a marathon before, but I’m still a little freaked out.

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I have had the worst few weeks recently. For those who care, on October 20, 2016, my faithful canine companion Ripley has passed away. Rest in peace. Earlier that week, I nearly broke my ankle. Today, I tripped and broke my thumb. Because of a whole bunch of problems with my life and my Kindle, Hautaka’s MOCs has been put on hiatus. I just wanted to put this here because I… well… There isn’t a practical way I posted this, I just feel terrible. I will still check the message boards as much as I can, but I just have to type oddly with this broken thumb. Thanks for understanding.


Hope everything works out somehow, and you feel better soon.


I’m starting to get better already. Thanks! Speaking of my dog, on the same day, my aunt’s neighbor’s dog had puppies! Even more coincidentally, they are the same breed as Ripley: Chihuahuas. My family has been planning on getting one, too. Now I just have this thumb to deal with.
P.S. That picture of the Hautaka / Phoenix Wright crossover you posted in Hautaka’s MOCs 2 is still amazing.
Thanks. :slight_smile:


I hope you manage to feel better man.

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Wow. That really does suck. I hope you get better.

I can feel for you there. I’m not sure what I’d do without my cat Anna.

Dude, I really hope thing start turning around for ya.

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Hope you feel better, my dude.

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Thanks to @Chronicler for moving this post.


I wish for the best, @Hautaka


I just thought I should say, I have a lot going on tomorrow, so I probably won’t be very active for most of the day. So if any one asks where I am, just tell them this.

Well Next Saturday, I’m going to sell my custom design shirts in a ■■■■■ Sell in Central.


i’m making some stuff with clay and it’s cracking
anybody here knows how to fix that?

first- have ya fired it?

second- if you’re still just building, make sure to keep it moist, and when not in use, cover it in damp paper towels, and put it in a plastic bag. make sure that little air is in there.

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I got phone priviliges back, and have to get master back now.


so i tried removing the cracks with water
it didn’t go very well,but now i’m covering everything with nail polish and it seems to work fine(ish)



Normally I would point out how the boards are mostly filled with children, but last time I did that, everyone thought I was making fun of people, when I was just making an observation.

BTW, when should I expect that dinobot from you?

dude you just assumed
like i’m 15


By children, I basically mean people under 18 living with their parents.

still that was kinda rude


Well I apologize then.

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