What's in these things?

I have two of the Knight’s Kingdom torsos, and they are the most useless pieces I have in my collection. For the past few weeks I’ve been tempted to crack them open, and see what’s inside. Are there Technic pieces glued inside or what?

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Probably some simple gearing

I’ve ripped two of mine open to use as armor for a moc, they are full of plastic gears and are glued together, I’ll take a picture of the gears if I can.



That’s super helpful, ty so much!

So note as useless after all. I could see some potential with those gears.

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The only useless LEGO piece is the one you admit is useless. As long as you keep striving for creativity, you’ll never find a useless piece.


The Knights Kingdom torsos are pretty useless unmodified.

I can see the gears inside being useful. Once I learn how to make my own pieces I’ll copy them. They could make good pieces for leaves or for other things.


Have you heard of the Galidor MOCs? (although it still isn’t a very good piece)


the gears and other bits inside aren’t useless per-se, but they don’t all have standard connection points, so they can be difficult to use. the most useful pieces are anything related to the ratchet joints. see below.

you can see them here being used for the mad scientist’s goggles


Thank you so much! And wonderful build!

I should probably mention that the first photo has the amount of ratchet joints from about 2-3 torsos. They’re tough to open too, but the torsos from the later waves are a bit easier.

As for the build, Djokson always builds the best mocs. I dunno how he does it lol


The ratchets look like the piston ends in engines. They’re also quite thick, and I can see maybe using them for some fruit designs like Kanoka Pods or something.

The gears I can try to copy with a hard plastic mold, and then press clay into them. Editing the clay form, I can give them more standard connections, and then cast that to create functional pieces. Something for the far future, of course…