whats the deal with melding universe

why are there all these questions about melding universe

Melding universe is basically from my understanding an alternate universe where Toa Tuyet has taken over Metru nui and Makuta have light powers


This kind of explains it


Uh… I think you might be a little mixed up here. The Melding and Toa Empire (Tuyet’s rule over Metru Nui) storylines actually take place in completely separate universes.
The Melding, aside from possessing Light-based variants of the Makuta, was the one that swapped the sizes of Toa and Matoran and had no GSR, as they were able to prevent Spherus Magna from exploding in the first place.


The Melding universe also had a version of Teridax who never turned evil, and he traveled to the prime universe to deal with his less virtuous counterpart after Mazeka chased Vultraz to the Melding universe.

yeah I did sorry my bad have not really read much of the story for the alternate universes but the biosector01 link was helpful so yay

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