What's your favorite song?

What’s your favorite song?

I want to know…

My favorite at the moment is Entropy by Mr. Fijiwiji and Direct.


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Oh geez. @_@

So many…Uh, I can list a few songs I really like, though.

Uh, Somebody Told Me is a big one, it got me into this group The Killers, who also did Mr. Brightside which I also love.

Uh, I also really love Shout, cause Tears for Fears is just an awesome group. And n the vein of classic 80s stuff, Separate Ways is another big one for me.

And then three more Miscellaneous one would be Feel Good Inc., Black and White, and Over the Hills and Far Away

Dunno if I could choose between those 7, though, ^^;


I’ve got lots of favorite songs. One of my more recent trends has been Made to Love (Telemitry Remix) by Tobymac.

@Pyrox Listened to yours. It’s alright, but it’s a little bland for my tastes.

@Nyran TOO MANY SONGS CANNOT COMPUTE (aka there are too many songs for me to listen to)


Sorry. I just really get into the music I choose to listen to.

Kinda surprised you hadn’t heard Shout or Separate Ways, though. But then, maybe my dad just fed me more 80s than a human should have. >.>

Oh. Now that I listen to it I recognize it. Sorta. :smile:

Also listening to Somebody Told Me. Pretty good so far.

(also y do your links work and not mine dangit)

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I’ve got these

Curse you guys and your fancy links. I can’t do that on mobile.

EDIT: lol didn’t realize all of them would be embedded.

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Long, but I love it. 8D

Not really what I would call a song I would find on my own, but yeah, it sounds pretty dang awesome!

It’s actually from a 2-part concept album. This is the first song of the second part. It’s a Metal Opera.

That sounds like “So crazy, it works.”

I need to see that sometime.

Breaking Benjamin Evil Angel

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Oh man @_@ uh…

(Note: this is just what I could think of off the top of my head.)

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You sure do have quite a few, can’t listen to them all but the ones I did hear were all right although I’m never going to be a fan of them. ~Pyrox

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Here is Entropy by MrFijiwiji & Direct, for anyone that couldn’t find it/is interested.

Try this:

That’s more my style! ~Pyrox

Surprised this topic hasn’t gotten more attention. Here are a few of mine.

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London Calling by the Clash.

For now, Ill list just some of them:

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