What's your favorite Transformers character or toy?

What's your favorite Transformers character? Anything is fair game. It can be from any Transformer line; G1 to now. The only exception is NO 3rd party toys; these aren't actually Transformers. Your answer must be from Hasbro or Takara.

My personal favorite character is probably Beast Wars Rattrap and my favorite Transformers toy is probably G1 Piranacon.

Autobot: FOC Grimlock
Decepticon: TFTM Barricade
Other: Prime Thundertron

Autobot: Grimlock
Decepticon: Soundwave
Predacon: Waspinator
Maximal: Rattrap
Other: Wreck-Gar

I like the one that transforms.

nah, jk, my friend once bought me Prime Cliffjumper as a gift and I lost it. I actually really liked it.

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My favorite is Ratchet. From what I've seen from Transformers, he is just has something about him that I like.

Which size class of Cliffjumper?
Also, what are your thoughts on how quickly they wrote him out of the show?

@Spiderus_Prime In my experience with the FOC Grimlock mold (mine was one the random TF4 redecos), he would be a great figure but his shoulder "soft ratchets" are so strong they put stress on the rather thin plastic stem that they are mounted on.

@Plural Which iteration of ratchet? I don't remember much about him in the G1 cartoon. The Prime and Animated iterations of Ratchet were awesome.

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Jazz-No version in specific.
Sideswipe- Fallen(Only Bayformer I like)

I kind of liked him in anything I've seen, meaning all of Animated, bits of Prime, and [Groan] Bayformers He was the only character I liked .

@LurkingEhlek Wapinator in Beast Wars was absolutely hilarious. He was definitely one of my favorite characters from that series.

@Plural The movie characterization was weird. Didn't Optimus say "NOW GIVE ME YOUR FACE!" to the Fallen at the end of ROTF?

But I was talking about Ratchet...

I know you were referring to Ratchet. When you mentioned that he was the only movie character you like, I remembered how odd the characterization was for the movies in general.

I really like, Dark Energon Knockout, Generations OrionPax, Generations Sandstorm (If my copy didn't come broken sob) Generation 1 Sandstorm, First edition Bulkhead, First edition Starscream (Pink highlight repaint), First edition Bumblebee (Blue highlight repaint)

There's probably even more.

TFP: Smokescreen, Starscream, Soundwave and Knockout
G1: Soundwave
Allaround: Probably Waspinator or Soundwave.

I forgot about TFP Knockout. He might actually be my favorite character. Knockout's personality was hilarious; he was evil, but wouldn't do anything that could scratch is paint.

Character(s): Soundwave and Shockwave

Toy(s): FOC optimus and Prime Vehicon

Which character is that?

Dune Runner I believe, I just know I love the toy...

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Prime Vehicon might be the best engineered Deluxe I've ever seen. FOC Optimus is good but really small.

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My favorite character. Wow. That is a loaded question. I don't have one favorite, but many that are tied.
Soundwave, Shockwave, Starscream, Megatron, Bruticus, or basically just the Combaticons , Astrotrain, Cyclonus, Rumble, Lockdown, Tarn, Skywarp, etc.

Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Ironhide, Prowl, Sideswipe, Jazz, Jetfire, Metroplex, Superion and the Aerialbots, Grimlock, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Blurr, etc.

Now, favorite toy is a bit easier. I never got many as a child, but out of the ones I did, my favorite is the G1 Rodimus Prime my uncle gave me.

Animated Shockwave, Grimlock, FoC Grimlock, CW Superion, MP-13, MP-12, MP-7, and MP-6 are just a few I really want.

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I know this is late but BRUTICUS!!!!!!!!!!


for toy, either all the CW molds, or Gen. Springer.