Whats your favourite bionicle couple!

i just realized what this meant and i love it



GSR is the greatest ship.

Spaceship, that is.


Nah, the best ship is Faber’s concept for a whole-planet ship with a volcano as the thruster. Too bad it never happened…


Well, that’s the tragic thing about ships. They always stay non-canon :smirk:


Mata Nui be Cybertron-ing out here.


Not exactly a couple, but my brothers and I had a behind the scenes love triangle going on between Gresh, Kiina and Gelu. Both Gresh and Gelu were competing for her affection, with Tarix trying his hardest to get rid of them so Kiina wouldn’t be distracted from their overall mission from the story.
Led to some hilarious hijinks.
Anyways, they’re my favorite couple/love triangle. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t Kiina supposed to be infatuated with Mata Nui?

Maybe Bara Magna’s population really is screwed because most of the women got wiped out, and the female skralls were away being femcels.

Last I remembered, Agori & Glatorians reproduct sexually, so it’s not like MU where they can just manufacture more matoran (although isn’t there a finite number of hypothetical toa, because newly created matoran probably won’t have the destiny to become toa).


Yeah she kinda was, but mostly because he was her ticket off that planet, I don’t think it developed past being really good friends by the end of the story. Although, Kiina Nui has a nice ring to it…

Not to worry, I’m sure that there are plenty of females on Bota Magna just waiting to meet up with the Bara Magnians in the next serial!

Oh wait…


I mean we know Bota Magna was better off, because they had more resources… except that’s an unnuanced take.

Bara Magna has plenty of resources, just maybe not the kind to grow fauna. So different types of resources.

We know from real life history that with enough ingenuity, humanity can turn the most hostile environment into habitable cities, like the middle east.

By extension, the citizens of Bara Magna could’ve used their resources to build better cities in spite of their hostile environment IF there wasn’t another problem stopping them, like a population bottleneck.

Guess we really do need hot single female glatorians on your moon, ready to repopulate the species.

Also, does that mean Mata Nui is the Lisan al-Gaib, but good?


Mata Nui is the Lisan-al-Gaib if he stopped the jihad right at the end of the first book (successfully). Unfortunately, everyone in Dune didn’t get that lucky… they just got a mutant maniac instead.

This raises an interesting question that I wish didn’t exist - could we theoretically have mixed element Glatorian?


According to Greg, glatorians are the same species. And the definition of a species is that it can produce fertile offspring.

I always assumed that the only reason why we haven’t seen mixed “element” glatorian is because of glatorian racism. Anyways, glatorian elements are more associations and societies than powers. We have to remember that the first 6 (or 7?) glatorians to ever receive powers were 6 (or 7?) elemental lords (which the tribes formed around). The next 3 are Kiina, Gresh and Acker.


Segregation on Spherus Magna confirmed

What you said makes sense, I guess that Glatorian also aren’t born with armor so chances are there wouldn’t be any distinguishable difference.


I mean if you look at the skin tone of glatorians, they’re a loose correlation between tribe and skin colour. The main differentiator is their armor style, which is more of a cultural thing.

Obviously the ice tribe (being the initiators of the core war) have the least skintone (and presumeably genetic) difference, probably because they’re reclusive. Meanwhile the fire tribe has all the skintones (ok, I know there’s only 3, because it’s economical for lego to produce it in only 3 colours, but I assume it’s a non-diagetic compression of skintone, so I assume trans-lime can represent green, lime and yellow, etc.)


I wouldn’t say so.

My interpretation of the concept of “destiny” is that it goes both ways. For example: a Matoran can only become a Toa if they’re destined to, but they aren’t destined to become a Toa unless they become a Toa in the future.

In other words, I don’t think there’s anything physically different between destined or non-destined Matoran. The only difference I see between them is that destined Matoran become Toa, while non-destined Matoran don’t.

So bringing it back to the idea of limited Toa, I don’t think that limit exists. If the Turaga were to start cranking out Matoran and giving them Toa Stones from some magical limitless supply, all of the Matoran would become Toa; there’d be no cases of a Stone randomly not working just because the Matoran “isn’t destined”.


Doubt it. The only difference between most tribes is culture and the armour colour, the latter of which can be changed, causing there to be nothing mixable.
The Vorox are the most different Glatorian, due to mutations, and, at least the baramagnian Vorox, are too animalistic, while the Skrall are a different, even if related, species.


Could a Glatorian have “dual citizenship” in multiple tribes?

This probably wouldn’t happen in the post-Shattering era where all the tribes were loosely competing against each other, but it may be possible in friendlier times.


That is if the tribes allow “dual citizenship”.

Tribes are a political & cultural distinction. For all we know, the tribe system might dissolve after Mata Nui’s influence, or members of 2 or more tribes might ally together to make a 3rd tribe distinct from the two… just like the great beings.

We know the tribes existed before the great beings were organised together. We also know the great beings created the elemental lords to govern the tribes (but not all tribes have an elemental lords).

We know the iron tribe has pretty much been decimated and lives as a diaspora. Makes you wonder if there were other tribes that got annihilated before or during the Core Wars, simply because they didn’t have an elemental lord.