What's your MOCing method?

So, discuss the question above. For me , I just discovered my style is something called puzzle MOCing, but here's my style in greater detail:

1) Start off with in idea (for a specific piece) / randomly work with a random piece / have an idea what the desired end-product is

2) Build around (1) literally with parts surrounding that specific/ starting piece

3) Modify areas that are already built/ modify ideas that cannot be accomplished or are not such good ideas after all

4) Sit on the MOC for a few weeks and play around with it. Figure out which parts are lacking, and modify/ scrap it.

So...what about you? : 3


My mocing steps

1) Figure out what I'm going to make/revamp

2) If building a original character think of a interesting colour scheme

3) Play around with my pieces until I make a random limb that I think looks cool

4) Copy that limb (If there's two of it)

5) Continue the proses until all the limbs head and body are made (Basing the style of the figure off the first awesome limb)

6) Finnish the moc (Usually the same day I start) and play around with it.

7) After the next couple of days I may or may not add things an change things trying to make the moc better.

My method?

so, unlike most people
My workplace to moc is a complete mess
and its in front of my computer
so whatever

When I have an idea, I got straight to building it
I usually start from the body
Then I make the legs
then after that I make the head then the arms
I spend some quality time looking at the moc, if its alright I will post it on the boards
If its crap I scrap it/try to remake it


I build in front of my computer a lot too.

I steal everything.

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I normally try to experiment with parts until I find something that looks decent. I then build on that (no pun intended).

My workplace is also messy! My parts are in a plastic tub, so I spill them onto a bed. Yes a bed (AHH the horror of horrors of lego instruction manuals!!!!) and I work from there.

Then I scoop the mback into the tub when it's time to sleep, and spill them out again the next day XD

I like to refer to mine as flash jigsaw,

look at parts I think look good,
find part that fits with other parts
repeat until done,
marvel at how it worked so well.

the flash part comes from the fact that I build mocs incredibly quickly. I can finish multiple mocs in a day if I want to.

I pull out a load of pieces I think could fit on a MOC, stare at them for a good long while, then give up.


Pour out stuff on the floor, screw around with stuff for a bit until what I want to build comes to my mind, then BUILD.

I uh, I used to just dump out all my pieces on the floor and connect random bits together...

Then I started learning what colors I wanted in my MOCs so I'd separate those colors from the pile.

Then I got sick of the pile and organized everything into these old SYSTEM bins we never used.

Now I just sit in front of my cabinet...

I find that MOCing is easier when you have a mess...


1) come up with an idea
2) develop that idea
3) quit procrastinating and start building
4) develop and redevelop MOC until it looks good and is stable

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Having trouble with your MOCs? Fret not, here come Sharnak and my easy 7 step method! Soon you'll be MOCing just like me.

1) Have a vague idea of the MOC (i.e. some green dude)
2) Start grabbing pieces and assembling them
3) Realize you don't have those vital pieces you need
4) Rebuild the MOC from the ground up
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times necessary
6) Give up
7) Cry


When building a system MOC, I make the legs, then the arms, then the head, and then the body.

As for constraction mocs... I use one of two methods:

1: make a certain limb, then build the rest of the MOC around it (I used this method for all my beast MOCs.
2: Make a basic structure, then revamp it, giving it custom limbs and stuff.
In order for number 2, I go: body, legs, body armor, arms, weapons, head, finalization.

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1) start building whatever I start to build.

2) Start with main body.

3) Start with armour and such

4) Decorate.

5) Make a story for it.


Take apart two constraction sets, then use the remaining parts to make something that looks somewhat cool.

Hm...lemme give my 5 cents

1: messily search bins for parts

2: find some part and brainstorm story ideas for a few seconds

3: Start constructing


5: Proffit

Profit!? HOW?!?!?! O>o


Hmm... Mine can be described as "I think I'll do this today"
1) randomly get a desire to moc, usually based off a song
2) gather appropriate colored pieces
3) figure out the start, involves some puzzle method (sometimes, change ideas completely.)
4) build from there.


1) Decide what I'm building, and what to use as inspiration.

2) Start with the feet and legs.

3) Build the arms

4) Build the frame, then add armor.

5) Decide what head to use if I haven't already, and use it.

6) Add details, fill in gaps, alter things to help with articulation, make minor adjustments, ect.

7) Decide if it is worthy of being posted online.
7.1) If it is, take pictures of it.
7.2) If it isn't, figure out why it isn't, and then use it as a parts supply for later MOCs.