What's your most embarrassing moment in life?

Now I know that some of you will probably have some pretty bad things in life that you may not want to release. But if you still want to contribute to the Topic then think about writing something that you’re happy with sharing. Thank you.

Yes, I know that sometimes you can’t remember you’re worst moment in life so because of this I invite you to post more then once on this topic if you think of other things.

Now this Topic is not to be rude but to share a laugh as a community. ~Pyrox

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Me and my friend wanted to listen to music while doing work, so we took out the good ol’ earbuds and “plugged them in”. Well little did we know that they weren’t plugged in. Naturally, as die hard Minecraft fans we went to Youtube and put in 20 top Minecraft parodies. First song, yep started swearing. I think the song went, Punch a tree! Like a boss! **** a pig~ Like a boss, **** on a horse, like a boss. Oh my god we were so embarrassed when we learned that the ear buds weren’t in properly… We got sent to the principals office and it wasn’t pretty. Got grounded for 2 months. What makes it worse is that we learned that some grade 1’s were heading by the computer lab at that time.


That moment when, at the bidding of my youth pastor (as part of a relay race), I rolled a potato across 40 feet of carpet (approximately) using only my nose, and on the last stretch realized that I was getting a nosebleed.

I finished my turn (arguably I pushed faster and more violently than the opposition, and thus gained an advantage for my team), and ran to the bathroom, to find that I had indeed got a nosebleed. I got some paper towels and returned to watch the finish of the race – and someone else in my team had the exact same thing happen to her before she had even gone halfway across.

This takes first place as most embarrasing, most interesting, and most hilarious moment of my life.

(And Toa Potay8o, this is what I mean when I say your kind murdered my nose)


Boy have I got something.

It all started when my dad took me to Toys “R” Us one day.

As we were walking towards the exit, I noticed the LEGO Movie Collectable Minifigs, and he said that, since they were only five bucks, he would buy me one.
He mentioned that they were in opaque bags, I said that I was happy with any of them except for the “Where Are My Pants” Guy.

After 20 minutes of scouring through the packages, feeling for pieces and such, I was sure that I had gotten the President Business minifig. We checked out at the register, and went to the car.
I had wanted to open it, but he insisted on doing it himself.

When he opened the package, he laughed like it was the funniest thing on Earth, while I sat in the passenger seat with a perplexed look on my face.
He handed it to me and I saw that, to my horror, it was non other than the “Where Are My Pants” Guy.
He made me get out of the car, and pose beside it, holding my “prize” in my hand as he took pictures.

And now I realize what people mean when they say “One day we’ll all look at this and laugh.” or something to that effect.


One time I told my friend “That really rustled my jimmies.” as soon as the class went quiet…
Similarly, I told the same friend “What if I drew ----- on it?” As soon as the class went silent…


I was once at the library, using the public computers for… anonymous reasons. Each computer was being used, and I was lucky to be in there, right at the very back where no one else was.
I stretched, getting comfy in the cushion’d seat.
Everyone’s computers shut off, I had bumped the power cord with my foot.
Cursing and inquiries of confusion found my ears as I slowly got up, flipped the switch back on and split.


I was blind for a few days after eye surgery. It sucked and I couldn’t even leave the house.


I can’t picture being blind. I feel bad for you :frowning:


Simply duct-tape your eyes shut, that will provide a good analogy.


Hey, at least I can see straight now! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean the feeling of knowing that no matter what you do, you still won’t be able to see. With that analogy you can remove the duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:


The point was that duct-tape boasts of its extraordinary stickiness, meaning you would not be able to remove it (without taking a few eyelashes, at least), rendering you totally unable to see.

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True that.

I didn’t say it wouldn’t be painful :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your logic confounds me. -_-


I hate how all these great old topics are dead…

anyway, I have a rather embarrassing story.(for those who actually see this…)

back in grade 6, it was recess, and I was was in the middle of doing something, rather stupid I will admit, and the principal walked in to the class and caught me, and told me off right there, now, you may think “oh, that’s not that embarrassing” and you’d be correct, it’s what came from that incident that was embarrassing.

Weeks later, I had forgotten about it, the school has a “play” of sorts, where some students have to act like teachers, can you see where this is going? one of the girls(it was a female principal) acted as the principal, and USING MY NAME! reenacted that incident!

by far the most embarasing thing to happen to me ever.
and still makes me a little mad to this day.


HA, unintended pun.


MY MOST embarassing mooment in MY life? hm. Probably going mini golfing and the button on my shorts fell off, and I was miles away from my house, AND I was going to hang out with friends later that day. It was an awful day indeed.


While it wasn’t my most embarrasing moment in my life, it was an interesting moment nonetheless.

Just today at my school’s “play room” there was a large tub of various system, technic, and bonkle parts. Naturally I brought the tub to a desk and sift through the parts to see if there was anything useful.

After a while of sifting, the students on the other side of the room complained to the supervisor that I was making too much noise with my sifting. The supervisor then came up to me and asked what I was doing. I said that I was just looking for some parts.

The supervisor told me that I was bothering the neighboring students, so she put me in an isolated room with another girl sitting in there working on something. I wondered if I would bother her, but I continued sifting anyways. As my sifting noise gradually increased to an apparently unbearable volume, the girl asked me if I could make less noise. I said that I would try, and I sifted very slowly.

As you know, Lego parts will make the same amount of noise no matter How fast or slow you are sifting. Soon, the girl just left the room, leaving her work behind. Feeling guilty that my sifting caused her to do so, I brought back the Lego tub in shame back to the play room and hastily walked out of there

Welp. Not going back to find more parts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then someone else digs into the parts and finds a white noble Huna.


Nope. I actually dug thouroughly through the tub and there were mostly just old system and technic stuff plus a few metru limbs :stuck_out_tongue:

We can dream though! :stuck_out_tongue:

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