When did we learn about multiple Makuta?

Since I wasn’t really around the fanbase during the majority of Bionicle’s early years, I can’t really remember a time when the Brotherhood of Makuta wasn’t common knowledge. From what I can tell, the name is first dropped in one of the Hordika comics, with Icarax then making his debut in 2007. When was the first time it was revealed that there were multiple Makuta? And, if you were there, what was the general community reaction like?


i wasnt a fan during that time, but for me honeslty it was very intruiging, since i always invisioned the brotherhood being more like a cult of makuta worshipers, which i would admit i’d prefer, since then u can just say the karda nui 8 where just other species, and it would have called back quite nicely to makuta’s whole vibe back on 01, but just the idea of multiple makuta was very interesting and raised the stacks significantly


The first ever hint at the brotherhood was in the second Bionicle movie when Makuta and Vakama have their conversation:
“Come, join my brothers and me.” - Makuta 2004

Fans then asked Greg if this was the big shocking moment he teased would be present in the movie and he confirmed this is what he meant.

Q: “Come join my brothers and I, Vakama.”
Was that the line you said everybody would be talking about?

A: Yes – two points to you for figuring it out.


I remember being very excited at the prospect of more than one Makuta. A lot of people thought it withdrew from “our” Makuta’s mystique, and I don’t blame them, because it… kinda did, but I always figured it made more sense, given the transition from “mystical island” to “expansive scifi universe”.

The line Kebaka quoted is a particularly pointed memory for me, I remember little ten year old me watching my brand new Bionicle DVD, and my ears perked when he said that. Then I excitedly ran to my mom and told her what I heard and then explained every possible detail related to that, relevant or otherwise


Oh boy… what was her reaction? I only found out when reading The LEGO Book, a DK compendium of information about LEGO throughout the history of the company.


Mostly “oh, cool” “cool” and “that’s pretty cool” in roulette order while she did something else lol.


My mom eventually made me change the subject because she was tired of hearing about Bionicle. Of course this was also while my siblings and I were all talking at once, so she obviously didn’t want anything more than some peace and quiet.


Children are such a blessing

I’ll add, my first thought was not that “Makuta” was a species, but that there was a cabal of elite individuals directly under Makuta. Took me awhile to think there could be more than on Makuta, especially because I had assumed Makuta was his name.


Thanks! I looked at the archive that this came from, and man, what a time capsule. People speculated if there was a third great spirit, if Makuta could be referring to Takanuva, even the “Toa Olda” being brought into question. Fascinating glimpse into the past.


I recall Greg saying it was decided around 05. I’ll have to dig for that quote… But externally I’m unsure when the idea of the species was confirmed.


two points to you for figuring it out.

Someone ought to trawl through the archives and figure out how many points each user accrued


Wait, there are multiple Makuta?


there all the same person

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