When was the Shattering concieved?

I remember you saying in an interview that the story team knew from day 1 that Mata Nui was a giant robot. I was wondering if they always knew what his purpose was? When did you guys come up with Spherus Magna?

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Spherus Magna came out of the discussions re: 2009 when we decided to wake up Mata Nui. There was no mention of the Shattering, etc. in the original story bibles.

Interesting. Had there been prior discussion of Mata Nui’s purpose, or was that the first time? Either way it turned out awesome.

No, there hadn’t really been prior discussion. It is possible Bob Thompson might have had something in mind for it, but he was long gone by that point. And I hadn’t thought about it because I had no idea we were going to wake up Mata Nui so soon. There were years and years more MU stories that could have been told before that had to happen.