Where Can I Find A Rhotuka Shield 3d Model?

Does anyone know where I can find a 3d-printable model of the Rhotuka Shield piece used on the Hagah?

I need to paint a shield for the upcoming Hagah Contests, and I’d rather paint a 3d-printed piece than an irreplaceable official Lego piece.

I have checked LDraw, but, unless I am doing the search incorrectly, they do not have the model I am looking for.

Does anyone know where a 3d model of the Rhotuka Shield is available?

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I’m quite interested in this myself, I don’t know of any though
found these on thingiverse, not the rhotuka shields, but worth considering

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I have a model that can be used for 3D printing, but needs some work after printing… I will eventually be remaking it in my new measurements, but if you want it I can post it somewhere


Oh man, those look awesome. What kind of post-processing are we talking about?

Also, what do you mean “new measurements”?

Thank you for sharing this.

What kind of post-processing are we talking about?

Sanding the pin holes, and possibly the disk slot.

Also, what do you mean “new measurements”?

This model was made with measurements that are fundamentally different from the measurements I use now. It’s not a major difference, but it affects how the parts work with official parts and that’s the main thing I care about


If you were to post a model, would it be the old one or the new one?

The old one. I have uploaded the model to my Gumroad shop, which also has some other free items but I think almost all of them are for Stud.io https://gum.co/qJEnZ

I will not be remaking this part for a while, unless someone sponsors it. I am working on a bunch of other sponsored parts, a bunch of custom parts, and I am creating my own tools which will help me recreate other parts accurately, including things like masks and other hard to model parts

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The Biopack includes Rhotuka Shield for Studio, which can trasfered into a normal 3D object via Part designer. But it might be that same model KINGSIDORAK have made. Or maybe I misunderstood something, sorry if so.

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I don’t use 3D printed parts, but the rhotuka shield would be a cool part to see painted.

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How do you feel about pink?

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If it works on the moc…

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Different models


there is also the biopack if you dont want to print and just use bricklink studio too lol

link below should be to download it.