Where to buy Onua 2016 for cheap?

Hey guys, i was wondering if there was a site or place you knew where I (and others) ccould buy 2016 onua for cheap( about 25 us dollars or less). Please and thanks.

Bootleg = 9€ on aliexpress

Real = amazon maybe?

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Try BrickLink

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Select TRUs and Barnes and Nobles still have him, I think.

@Asriel im most likely getting a bootleg, seeing as it comes with terak (i think)
@ThatOneMOCist i checked mine, they dont
@Nexolo Cant beleive they are going that cheap NIB

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HobbyTown USA, I actually just bought Onua 2016 last week for regular price at my local place. If you have patience you can wait for a good auction on ebay, (I once got Brutaka NIB for $32, patience is rewarded).

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If you can no longer find them in any stores (which is to be expected), Bricklink and eBay are probably your best bets for getting it and not being ripped off.



Or maybe just use Bricklink, I don’t have anything that already hasn’t been said.


Never tried something like… an actual shop?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think ebay and bricklink are the best sites

Yes i have…
Its 2017, so i cant find ANY sets anywhere


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Check US Toy Store. My local store had some protectors left.

I went to good old Barnes and Noble