Where were you when you found out Bionicle had ended, and where were you when you found out it was coming back?

I was sitting at my dining room table reading the last comic. Up to this point I had no idea Bionicle was going anywhere, and I flipped to the last page, and then I got the first feeling that something was wrong when I read Tahu’s speech, which felt final. And then it ended. At this point I had no idea about the serials, and I realized that what I had just read was the final chapter in the saga I loved. it was quite depressing to know that the one thing that had been there for as long as I could remember was gone and was never coming back.

Flash forward 4 years, and I’m lying on the couch scrolling through my Youtube subscriptions list on my phone when I see a video from TTV, which isn’t unusual, they put out a lot of content, but when I looked at the video, I felt my heart stop for a moment. the thumbnail was a black and white image of a new Tahu set and the rest is history.


Wow… That title is a mouthful.

Well, when I learned BIONICLE had ended, I also was reading the last comic. I knew it was getting to the end in the year 2008, when Mata Nui rised, and Teridax took over the body. A year later, there I was on, me bed, reading the comic in which BIONICLE had ended. I felt the same way, Matoro… I was saddened by the end of my favorite toy brand, and I was too young to understand the serials.

This whole “end of BIONICLE” thing lead me and my brother to figure out our own legend of the BIONICLE. And thus, I played out my new legend with a Matoran named Fatorak, and the mystic island of Karhi Nui, located in the mostly-unexplored southern islands.

BIONICLE has not been actually been announced by Lego (yet), so I cannot tell you where I was when it had begun again. I do not consider leaks to be the announcement of BIONICLE coming back, so I will have to wait until Lego officially announces it’s return.


I don’t quite remember but I think I saw the stars for the first time and just knew that Bionicle was soon to be over and not long after that the Bionicle site got removed. When I found out Bionicle was coming back 2015 I was a video about and I thought it was fake so I turned to ttv and sure enough, TTV Podcast 107. ~Detox

Well, I am fairly new to Bionicle. When I found out it was ending, about 4 years ago, it was no big deal to me (at the time). Lego Star Wars was my main thing. Still is, actually. But when I finally got into Bionicle (about a month or so ago), it saddened me…I had missed so much…Even though I knew it was coming back, I knew it wouldn’t be the same…Not the same Bionicle that it once was…I still think that. As I watched the old Bionicle commercials and Bionicle.com clips on YouTube, I began to tear up a bit. I had so many opportunities and time to get into Bionicle (3 years)…But…I never took them…Instead, I just looked at them in my Lego Magazine, and thought they were cool.

When I found out it was coming back, I was on my computer, in my basement (where it’s located). I was on Flickr, looking at all the new pictures, and saw that most of them were from people rejoicing that Bionicle was coming back. I saw the leaked Black and White picture, and I was like “Oh, that’s cool. Maybe I’ll get some of the sets.” But that was it. A couple days after that, is when I started to get into Bionicle. And I do not regret it. I just wish I would have sooner…


i was at home drinking thornax juice when phone ring

“bionicle is kill”


and then…

i was at home eating brain attack when ttv post

“bionicle is live”


and you???


As soon as I saw the Stars, I knew it was only a matter of time. I started to tear up a bit when I sat in my chair (a lot has happened in that chair) and read Tahu’s speech to everyone. However I also felt a bit if completeness and hope as I thought The Powers That Be and Yesterday Quest would be havens to keep it alive.

I was skeptical from the start until I glanced at the search results on my iPod one day and say this video saying that Bionicle set display pictures were in color! I promptly bought a ticket to board the hype-train.

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I too was reading the last comic, but it didn’t register that the series was ending until after the establishing shot of Spherus Magna happened. At that point, I was already pissed with the 2009 and 2010 sets, so I had kinda lost interest in the theme, so I didn’t really care at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember that moment vividly. I was six years old, and I remember my dad coming home in the morning and telling me to turn on the TV. I thought that was a little odd because he doesn’t like to watch TV in the morning, but I did and right up there was the first tower, huge billows of smoke coming out of it. And my mom ran into the room with my little sister and we were all just standing there, and then the camera zoomed out to show the other plane suddenly coming in and in that moment it was like we all realized it was going for the second tower and there was nothing we could do about it but just stand there and

Oh, wait, where was I when Bionicle ended? Taking a dump or something, I dunno.


Kahi… I really don’t know what to say about that. I was only like, two, when those events occured, so I really cannot relate.

Also, your accounts of the event of BIONICLE’s ending where phenomenal.


I was sitting right at this computer desk and right on this computer chair.
I was 9 years old, and I remember in the past few weeks I was wondering why new BIONICLE sets haven’t come yet. So I went on LEGO shop online, and realized that most of the Glatorian and Agori sets were gone from online.
The realization hit me that BIONICLE was ending… and I sat there by myself upstairs in my house on my computer, I am pretty sure I remember tears welling up in my eyes. Make fun of me or not, I was 9 years old then, and BIONICLE and LEGO was pretty much my life at that time.
There I was 4 years later on this exact computer chair and exact computer desk, on Google+.
I saw the video about the “mysterious SDCC display case” video when they stated that there is no more skepticism on the return of BIONICLE and that is WILL return.

And now I sit here, waiting for the return of BIONICLE…


“Alas, brethern! The return of BIONICLE approaches quickly.”


I’m pretty sure I was on the computer both times lol


I was laying down on my old bunk bed, on my now-ancient iPod, watching some reviews of the Stars, which to the 9 year old me, looked pretty cool. I remember the reviewer, who I believe was actually Shadowgear6335/Clockwork Tempest, making a bunch of jokes about having to get them all, until he reviewed the “Uber Tahu,” or Tahu wearing the Golden Armor. Then he mentioned the end of Bionicle. Of course my automatic reaction: throw everything down, jump off my bunk bed, and run into the other room as fast as I could, sitting down, and turning on my computer. I searched the end of Bionicle up on Google, and found it out for real. I remember I think I cried for about ten minutes straight before finally accepting it, and attempting to move on in life.

As for Bionicle’s return? Well, I actually made a wild guess that it was coming back about four months or so before we actually got the leak. I noticed that we hadn’t gotten a single Bionicle reference for four years, and then we got two in one year in the form of the Lego Movie, and a random music video on LEGO’s Youtube channel that caught my eye because the thumbnail had a Guurahk on it. When we got the leaks, I was just on the computer like usual, then I checked on my subscriptions, and just about jumped out of my chair and yelled. Maybe I was going to jump up the yell, but I don’t know. I immediately watched the video and was pretty skeptical, but still happy on the inside. Now I just wait. And wait. And wait.


I found out that bionicle was ending through the internet. And I found out of it’s return via the internet.

My memory of that is a bit faded (probably because I tried my best to forget it :p), but from what I can remember, I found it out via the internet, probably from watching a set review (likely LegomationStudio). I remember crying for an unhealthy amount of time. I found out about its return from a video by thethreevirtues. Mata Nui blesses you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I think what happened was that I was at Legoland, California with my dad and I saw that there was a stand selling these figures called “HeroFactory.” I saw a symbol at the bottom corner of one of the canisters and it said that it was created by the creators of Bionicle. So of course, I asked my dad to buy me one (the one I bought was Stormer, if you’re interested). I think what happened was when I went home, I looked up “HeroFactory” and eventually found a bunch of people who were furiously angry with HeroFactory because it had supposedly “replaced” Bionicle. I ended up being one of those people, of course until a few years later when I found out that HeroFactory hadn’t exactly “replaced” Bionicle, from a Bionicle Autopsy video (thanks, Varderan).


That music video actually came out ~5 years ago. It’s the black eyed piece one, right? It was on LEGO club magazine’s channel 5 years ago. It was merely MOVED to LEGO’s channel this year.

It did? Wow. And yeah, it was that one.

I remember it like yesterday…(insert flashback sequence here)
I was 9 years, the year was 2009 and I was looking at google images for bionicle pics(my dads laptops internet was really bad so no youtube for me) and saw something called bionicle stars. I clicked right away at the site where it came from, to see an article about the new sets and a bunch of pics about the sets. “The bionicle stars will be the last bionicle sets released” it said. My heart stopped from shock. After finally finding out that the glatorian werent a reboot at all, and that makuta didnt get away with it, and after tears for that(I was 8! C’mon), to discover my favorite toy that I love is now actually ending. I put myself together and decided that I shall get all the stars, as at least the only set of six for me to get(this was to change). So I got them all for my love to the series(even though I now wish to have got some duplicates). Four years passed and I saw a new ttv vid. Oh ttv what awesomeness do you have in store for me now. “Bionicle possibly returns?” Was the title. My jaw dropped and my heart stopped like it did four years ago. Then “wohhoooooooooo!!!” I shouted out loud in my cabind separate sleeping cabin. The hypetrain had a new conductor from there on.


I found out it ended as I was browsing BZPower back in 2010. My reaction was shock and awe, mostly due to the fact that a moment prior I had just seen Teridax’s head get smashed by a moon. The fact that the story was ended only added to the feeling of “Whoa…” which later turned to a feeling of “Noooo!

I found out it was coming back a few weeks ago when I heard about this certain new Bionicle fan forum, and decided to check out its YT channel.

Then I saw Tahu 5.0 reaching out for a golden mask, and the shock and awe came back.

Well to be more specific about what happen was that I searched lego.com and they said that BIONICLE was canceled and I cried for 12 hours straight that day.

One hour for each of the years it was around for. And two extra hours for what could have been.

And I found out about its relaunch via TTV. And I ran down stairs NAKED to tell my parents about it. And they where all like. “ya what ever”