Which 2 sets should I get?

Once again I have some money though am having trouble deciding which two of these awesome sets to purchase

Bohrok Tahnok (I have one Bohrok)
Tahu Nuva (already have Pohatu Nuva)
Toa Hagah Norik (0 hagah, though they use the same build as the Metru so 6 technically)
Piraka Avak (I have 0 Piraka)
Visorak Roporak (I have 1 Visorak)
Jaller Inika (0 Inika)

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(didn’t we already have this discussion?)

Norik, and Avak, or maybe Tahu and Jaller inika…

I suggest at least Avak

Avak and Tahnok. The more balls, the better.

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Avak and Norik.


He’s just cool

I’m a bit Biased because he’s the first Bionicle I ever got.



It all depends which ones you think would look the best on display.

I would personally suggest Norik and Avak.



He is rare.


Norik and Avak.

I suggest you get Avak and Jaller (so you can have a fight!)

You must get him if you found him for cheap! I can never find him cheaper than $20

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Tahu Nuva, cause he’s like the face of Bionicle

Avak, cause he has a watermelon jaw and a submachine gun

Is he? I mean, now he is, but not for the majority of BIONICLE’s lifespan.


Just get Tahu Nuva and Jaller Inika.

Cannot recommend.
Tahu Nuva is a terrible set.
He has no articulation in the head, elbows or knees, and if you try to pose his arms they will just fall down.

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EDIT: I rechecked, and Toa Norik is now completely out of my price bracket (I use Amazon), and though a lot of people suggested me to get a Toa Hagah and a Piraka, getting both is also out of my price bracket apparently. So should I get Avak or Toa Hagah Iruni

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I’d say Avak and Jaller. Both are good sets and enemies.

Get Iruni.