Which 2015/2016 mask do you like the most?

Which G2 mask do you like the most?

Master: Pohatu’s Kakama
Uniter: Kopaka’s Akaku
Skull Villain: Warrior/Grinder mask
other: Mask of Ultimate Power

Overall: Kakama 2015, Akaku 2016 and MoUP

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protector mask.

Mask of Control, Mask of Creation (those two are just too good together, plus they are very detalizated) Protector’s and villager’s masks (because of blended colors, not because of shape), Skull Warrior mask (hey, it is the skull mask), Onua Master’s mask (resembles old mask better than otners). Also 2015 Toa masks that were included in the elemental beasts sets are very unique.

Gali’s Mask of Water. Not only it’s my favourite G2 mask, it’s my favourite mask overall. Fantastic design.


For me, Gali’s mask is decent. Not too outstanding though. (The title of coolest mask clearly goes to Kopaka Uniter :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I like all of the master masks except for Gali Uniter’s, and maybe Lewa Uniter’s. Gali Uniter’s mask looks like an old frail lady, and the golden variant looks bad on Gali, in my opinion.

you mean uniter right?

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what’s wrong with the lewa uniter mask? Also, we should have used the gali uniter mask for helryx!

it is a very very huge improvement from the Miru of 2015

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Upon looking at the mask again, Lewa’s 2016 mask isn’t as bad as I had previously thought. However, it’s still not one of my favorites. To me, 2016 Lewa looks a lot more refined and industrial, because of all of the silver. I still prefer Lewa master because of his more “wild” look. It fit’s Lewa’s personality more, in my opinion.

I suppose that that mask would fit Helryx’s description quite well, but I just don’t think it has an appealing design.

I really like Umarak’s mask.


A very unique interpretation of a Mask of Shadows, in my opinion.


I also really like Umarak’s mask


Can we all agree that the umarak the destroyer mask is hideous?

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I like tahu’s 2015 mask and the skull scorpio mask, tho my favourite masks are mainly those from the concept art and the more organic prototype tahu mask seen in the designer video

can I have the link to the video?

“Can we all agree that the umarak the destroyer mask is hideous?”

I completely agree

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Here ya go. It’s around the 1:20 time mark.
And here you can see some concept art

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Tahu’s shin armor is flipped :rofl: :rofl:


I think that Umarak the Destroyer’s mask is okay…

…although, I have a hard time seeing the gunmetal jaw as part of the mask. It kind of blends into the body.


look at it in its own