Which 2015 set is your favorite?

This topic is to discuss which of the 2015 BIONICLE sets are your favorite, and why. Personally, my favorites are Stone and Air defender, followed by Gali with her awesome trident.


I’m looking at Titan-esque Kopaka right now as my favorite. #DeltaKopaka


Cool! personally, Kopaka is somewhere in the middle of my favorite toa matas

I’ll know my favorite when they come out


So far, I’m liking the new Tahu.

Onua all day err’day.



THE DEFENDERS ARE FRIGGIN SCARY!!! look at that water derfender…


No competition.
Omega tahu is love Omega tahu is life.

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I personally prefer Lewa.

Definitely Omega Tahu

Really like all the Defenders.

As for Toa, probably Tahu or Gali, but it’s hard to tell until the sets are released.

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Omega Tahu all the way!

At the moment Tahu, cant make out much detail on the other sets. Though the Lord Of Skull Spiders seems the second interesting.

Will likely end up getting them all anywho :3

Hahli Mahri, because them Faxons…

Omega tahu… Omega tahu… OMEGA TAHU!!!

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Right now I’m fixed on Kopaka, Lewa and Tahu!

Could you please edit your title so that the word "BIONICLE" is actually in the title; or could a moderator and/or an administrator do this, if you cannot do this??? (I’m asking this because, as it stands right now, it appears that we can talk about any 2015 LEGO set and not just 2015 LEGO BIONICLE sets in this topic!!! :/)

I think my favorite is Tahu, but I’ll wait until much more clear images arrive than just the 2/3.

Every. Single. One of them. I’m just wondering if Lego will have instructions for Toa Kaita :smiley: