Which Bionicle character can you imagine as an Evolve character

just a little fun thing i started to imagine after having seen this video again

and here are the hunters:

so here are my choise for Bionicle characters:

Cabot - Ekimu

Bucket - Vizuna

Caira - Gali

Abe - Izotor

Maggie - Korgot

Hank - Pohatu

Parnell - Lewa

Lazarus - Kopaka

Val - “i have none”

Markov - Onua

Griffin - Nilkuu

Hyde - Tahu

so what Bionicle character can you imagine as these hunters?


I would say bucket looks more like Keetongu! I don’t play Evolve so the personalities may be different :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well i was trying to use all of the G2 characters i could use, though you guys can use the other characters from the G1 universe.

anyway, its just fun to imagine these characters say and behave like the hunters from Evolve.

hope to see you guys choise.

I don’t play Evolve, but I can imagine Gadunka being one of the monsters you have to fight.

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