Which Build is Best, The Metru Build, or Inika Build?

There are 2 predominant builds in Bionicle, the Metru, and the Inika; but, which is best?

The one which is best must be decided by both complexity and looks, not by the time it was used, the functions and proportions also count. Be objective (open-minded and reasonable subjective comments are "permited") Now, tell me which is the best build!

Here's my opinion: The Metru Build is the best!


I personally find the metru build the best of G1, but even as the best looking at the time it had Its fair share of troubles like posing in the arms. However still a pretty good build for its time.


I preffer the Inika build,, im not a guy who plays with the sets I just pose them, many more sets used the inika rather than using the metru build, maybe it was a little bit overused, but still I love it

I think that the metro build is great, but I 'll stick with the inika build as it makes posing and moving options extremely wide. The main issues with the inika build is its overuse and its crappy durability though

But if we're talking builds for Constraction overall, the basic CCBS build is very versatile.


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While the Inika build's arms are more poseable, I enjoy the Metru build more as a build because it looks much better as a design, it gave the Toa a more heroic look IMO, plus it conceals the function really well. Sure it has less options for customizing/moccing, but as an overall build, the Metru wins for me.


Metru. But CCBS trumps all.


I prefer Inika, it has a lot more customization options, and with the metru build it's almost impossible to pose the arms. However, if you like functions, then the metru build is the best.

In terms of functionality and versatility, the Inika build, as it allowed for greater customization and posing. It suffers from being large and ungainly at times, and for often being disproportionate.

In terms of aesthetics, I think the Metru build is better. It looks the most "Toa-like" of all the builds, and has the best proportions of them all. However, it suffers from a lack of shoulder poseability.

I do agree that CCBS is by far the best constraction system LEGO has come up with. It's not only elegant and simple, but it allows for incredible customization and posing. It also makes constructing figures of varying sizes and proportions easier.


Why is everyone talking about CCBS? This topic is about the Metru build and the Inika build, not CCBS.

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I'd chose Inika over Metru due to the amount of pieces made for it (for example, there have been multiple shoulder pad parts for Inika, unlike Metru).

But I do not see either as particularly great builds compared to what has been made since. The Inika are prone to weird proportions, and the Metru have shoulder articulation problems.

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The Inika build; there's really just more you can do with it. All of those connection points make up for any lack of proportionaliy(in my eyes), and then there's also the hole floppy arms on the metru build thing.


I prefer the Metru build. The proportions are a lot better than on an Inika build.

This is considering if I used either system it would be for an intentionally simple build.


Metru build is a lot more solid IMO.


Metru in terms of proportions, but Inika in terms of articulation and versatility.

No, the best by far is the two combined. Mod Metru shoulders so they can move on ball joints, make more colors for the torso, and add waist articulation and then you have the best G1 building system.


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For G1, I'd say Metru build was the almost perfected Toa build. They were full of articulation, while keeping some nice technic engineering, including the beloved gear function. They had solid coverage, nice functions, and kept the Bionicle feel of the prior three years. In addition, they had a great price range.

However, when adding G2 into the equation, I think the Masters fixed all of the big flaws with the Metru build. And with that being said, I prefer both the Master and Uniter build. I feel like these greatly improve on G1's building style, but each one of them still have minor flaws.

I honestly like the metro build better. I don't know why, but I just love the looks of them.

I prefer the Inika build simply due to the fact that the Metru build seems much more limited. It's mostly there for function, and the arms flop around. Even for MOCing potential it's not that great. You have to be creative in order to add friction to the metru arms so they don't flop.

I feel you can customize more with the Inika build.


Metru build. With just added 6 pieces it fixes the posing issue. The rest can be modified in numerous different ways. Using the metru torso gives you the option of having gear functions while also filling up the torso from the side what Inika would leave flat.

The only potential downside I see is the skinnier waist area that needs some quite imaginative ways of filling up and that you may not find as many pin connection options on the torso as it would be prefered. The arms and legs can be customized however you like. I also find that metru builds tend to have more reasonable limb to torso proportions than the inika.

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