Which class in the upcoming game Destiny will you choose?

I will be choosing the warlock class.All aboard the hype train smile!

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Same. Robot Space Wizard all the way! xD

Lol XD

If I get it, I'll choose warlock as well.

Yay another warlock class smile

Become legend smile

Warlock is probably the best, but I'm pretty partial to the Titan's Super myself...


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Thanks for answering the question Meso smile.Also I might choose Titan once I beat the game as a warlock.

I feel like the Warlock has the best supercharged power. Once you learn how to fire it properly, its can be really deadly.

Oh yeah, hands down he has the most effective. The Titan's is awesome but it's very difficult to get close enough to use it sometimes. It's more of a panic super than anything else. In that aspect, though, it's outstanding. Really wrecks people in Crucible games.

Warlock's got the range and the damage, so it's the most effective overall. I barely used the Hunter at all so I can't really comment on the Golden Gun.


I played the beta, and I wan a Titan Exo and Mata Nui, were the upgrades OP! I had an awesome time with my grenades, as they just kept exploding, over and over!

So yeah, personally thats good, but if you want to do PVP, get hunter, as that flaming pistol is an insta-kill and you can cross map with it

I played Hunter a blue awoken lad I named "Sam Worthington" since he looked like a Na'avi.
All I did was shoot people in the face with a Shotgun and SHANK
I was really OP.

True story smile

It wrecks to the point where I've got an overkill with it and in one match I got a kd of 7.0. For the games sake it should be toned down a bit but I like it as it is way too much.

I played the beta and I would have to say hunter is my class. I love to snipe, the class is a lot of fun (to me) and I'm more of a lone wolf. The armor (I think) looks the best out of all the classes with its cloak and light armor. The super charge is really fun to use and watching your enemies fry from the solar heat ):D


Cool smile

Warlock for sure, looks like it will be the most interesting class to play as.