Which contest are you looking forward to the most, or what character are you most excited about receiving a canon depiction?

As we reach the end of the first part of the Helryx, I’m wondering which of the other characters being covered in the contest are the most anticipated. So just to get a feel for it, what character are you most excited about making or voting for?
Personally, I am psyched that Artakha is going to get an actual visual after all this time.


Wish I could say Gar.


Any of the toa of elements we hadn’t seen physically depicted. Varian in particular, (I dunno, she just struck a chord with me)

As a mocist, I have a vested intrest in deciding the color ratios of toa so they are consistent.


The Golden Skinned Being.

I wanna see a Titan-sized MOC completely composed of gold pieces.


I still wish the Gold Skinned Being was going to be a pure art contest. Making a Bionicle that’s meant to look like ‘skin’ seems like a bad idea.

Personally, I wish that thye were going to do these conests for Rahi, too, such as fire-flyers and… Tunnellers? Is that what they called the thing that could turn into whatever it touched?

Anyway, of the characters on the table, maybe Lariska? I also echo @ProfSrlojohn’s excitement to see new elements as Toa (I still think that there should be a contest for a Toa of each element, even if they don’t get names or backstories, just so we can get visual references for MOCs (and ditto that for the Baraki’s unmutated forms.))

I can’t actually choose. Like every character needs a phisical representation. I somewhat agree with @darkbrick999 abaut Gold Skinned Being, though.
I can surely say that from the list we have right now I most dislike Marendar in terms of need of visualisation, but it (or he?) is my favorite in terms of constraction due to lack of describtion (a lot of freedom for imagination).




I"ll give a shot to Nidhki and possibly Lariska, but I’m most excited for building the Golden Skinned being.

I won’t build Arthaka but I’m pretty hyped to see what others can do.

I’m really looking forward to Artakha, the Golden-Skinned Being, and Marendar the most. Hopefully, Artakha looks like Sauron (similar to Wilson’s MOC) and implements a good balance of sand green and some other color, such as gunmetal. The Golden-Skinned Being is bound to be a tall golden Skakdi, either with Irnakk’s spine or a custom head. I also hope Marendar reflects Greg’s comparison of it being the Bionicle equivalent to the Sentinels from X-Men. Regardless, I look forward to building the winning entries above.


Idea: since the set versions of the Glatorian don’t reflect their canon organic-ness, it could be cool (though admittedly unlikely) to do contests for them. At least some art would be nice.

TIGER ANTS! Oh, bionicle canon contests? Well then, uhhhhh, gold skinned being.

Lariska. Ever since I saw TheShadowedOne1’s moc of her, I fell in love with it; it’s just amazing and does so many things so well. Repeating what I said in a different post, his moc looks feminine without being overly sexualized, the legs have really good articulation, the kanoka disk on her back is a nice tie in with her lore, it makes really good use of Krekka and Nidhiki’s parts in the torso and even if you only have one of those two sets, she’s already halfway completed.

For me that goes double.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Artakha is my favorite out of all of the Canon Contest roster.:slightly_smiling_face::+1: