Which Game Should I Get? (Steam)

I recently acquired 20 more dollars, and I have two games on my Steam wishlist that are in that price range. It's a difficult choice. They include:

-Mass Effect 1
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Or, I could continue saving and get Elite: Dangerous.

Which should I choose, community?

Metal gear!!!

I've only played Metal Gear Rising: Revengance or the XBOX 360 (not sure how it plays on Steam), but I enjoyed it. The sword gameplay is satisfying and the bosses are unique and challenging.

Definitely Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

I hear from my bro that Mass Effect 1 has a great storyline and some decent controls, but I've seen more fun coming from revengeance because of absurd game play.

I haven't played either

MGR is short, not sure about replayability, but its very short

mass effect is long I think, I haven't played it

I would suggest watching reviews for both.

GET MASS EFFECT NOW! stuck_out_tongue

Alternatively, wait for the Summer Sale and get both ME and MGR.

Another thing to think about: You may be better off buying the ME trilogy pack on Origin when it goes on sale for ~$10. But I'm too lazy to calculate that right now. XD

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Metal Gear fo sho

I've been meaning to get MGR:R myself.

Metal Gear.



I've never played ME so I can't really make an unbiased recommendation, but MGR is a really good game.

Mass Effect you have played 2 but have not played 1 yet

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Definately Elite: Dangerous.

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Forgot I made this topic

I'll be doing this


U guy

Try kinguin.net for steam keys


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Currently installing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I am excite.

Man, you better have had Rules of Nature blasting as it slowly ticked to 100%