Which is Stronger?

Are the Matoran of Metru Nui/Mata Nui stronger in their original forms that they had in the 2,004 sets, or the forms they got rebuilt into from the 2,003 sets (being the forms that they rebuilt themselves into to compensate for how they had shrunk and weakened while they were asleep)?

(Personally, my guess would be possibly their rebuilt 2,003 forms, given that they look like they used scrapped parts from their formidable foes, the bohrok; which would also provide an explanation for why all matoran across the MU don’t have the upgrade,- there aren’t enough scrapped bohrok to go round.)


I’d agree with your thought, but now I’m also curious.

I can’t see the Rebuilt forms being any stronger than their original forms. The point of The Rebuilding was to return the Matoran to their their original form (or at least close to it). To me, it doesn’t make sense that their recycled, Bohrok-built forms are stronger than the forms built by the Great Beings.

EDIT: This seems to suggest that their Rebuilt forms are slightly weaker than their Metru forms:


Another one:


Their Rebuilt forms can really only be as strong as their tissue, which they can’t get from the Bohrok. At most, their tissue can only be as strong as it originally was. Therefore, their Rebuilt form cannot be any stronger than their Metru forms. (And that’s only if the Turaga can somehow return the Matoran’s tissue to prime condition.)


Well, nonetheless, maybe having upgraded mechanical parts opened the way for a separate procedure to be done to the muscle tissue to strengthen it after it had a bigger “shell to fill”, so to speak, similar to how, in reassembling themselves after popping out of their toa canisters, the Toa Mata also simultaneously regrew the organic parts of their bodies that had degraded during their 1,000 year sleep at sea.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hoping Greg can answer soon once the craziness ends in the coming year.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ah thank you, I was just about to post this answer.