Which Rahskhi powers would you have?

Starting a small discussion again, because why not? So this time, I’ll take Rahkshi powers instead of elements. Here is a list with every Rahkshi power:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Adaptation
  3. Anger
  4. Chain Lightning
  5. Chameleon
  6. Confusion
  7. Cyclone
  8. Darkness
  9. Density Control
  10. Disintegration
  11. Dodge
  12. Elasticity
  13. Lightning
  14. Fear
  15. Fire Resistance
  16. Gravity
  17. Heat Vision
  18. Hunger
  19. Ice Resistance
  20. Illusion
  21. Insect Control
  22. Invulnerability
  23. Laser Vision
  24. Magnetism
  25. Mind Reading
  26. Molecular Disruption
  27. Plantlife
  28. Plasma
  29. Poison
  30. Power Scream
  31. Quick Healing
  32. Rahi Control
  33. Shapeshifting
  34. Shattering
  35. Silence
  36. Sleep
  37. Slowness
  38. Sonics
  39. Stasis Field
  40. Teleportation
  41. Vacuum
  42. Weather Control
    You might visit Google to know more about certain powers.
    Mine would be:
    Fragmentation, Poison and Laservision.

Density Control is super OP as is molecular disruption and invulnerability

I’d do those three


Invulnerability. With that option on the table, everything else seems a little pathetic.

That’s that mean I can control half rahi toa, yes

Teleportation, Invulnerability and control of weather.

Teleportation,shapeshifting and/or mind reading

Poison obviously, only the greatest power ever. (It also somehow affects everything in the bionicle comics, including terrain.)

True dat

But very boring. Why did Greg add this as a power?


More precisely it’s “Limited Invulnerability”.
Since the Rahkshi powers are basically the powers the Makuta wield I always considered this to be simply a trait of Antidermis - even more so of gaseous Antidermis. I mean, try to hit gas with a sword. In solid form I always thought this power simply granted greater durability towards physical hits, much like a natural armor.

Also looking at this list you come to wonder how it is even possible to defeat a Makuta who can use ALL of these powers. A little overpowered, right? Which probably explains why not a single battle against a Makuta in the G1 story was really believable.

That said I feel that Stasis Field is the strongest power - it pretty much allows the Makuta/Rahkshi to freeze an opponent in time. Although in “Makuta’s Guide to the Universe” it is said that in order for it to work eye contact has to be established.

Shapeshifting would be my power of choice, though. :wink:


All of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Though honestly i’d rather just have an ability that is useful such as gravity, which could effectively enable you to fly



A combo of invulnerably and shapeshifting

Rahi control, shattering and confusion are probably the ones I’d choose.

Oh my god, yes.

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Well, I guess since it’s only temporary invulnerability, you could, in theory, strike the Rahkshi when it’s power is recharging or whatever.

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I’d have all of them. Just like OP Shiny Tahu. :wink:

Hm… in terms of practicality, probably gravity would be the most useful, though shape shifting and teleportation are cool too. In reality though, a Rahkshi of illusion is probably what I would be (because of my self-moc).

Chameleon, plasma, and anger so I could pit my opponents against one another.

Limited Invulnerability :wink:

It probably allows something like not taking any damage from weaker attacks, say, from someone hitting you with an axe, but you would take damage if a train crashes into you. And of course this doesn’t protect you from mental attacks, someone setting you afire (otherwise Fire Resistence would be pretty useless) and such stuff.

Or at least that’s how I see it.

“Makuta’s Guide to the Universe” says about that power (freely translated back into English by me because I didn’t buy the book in English (which really was a mistake):

(Limited) Invulnerability:
Can’t be physically harmed by most kinds of attacks.

Actually it seems like in this book it’s only “Invulnerability” although considering the quality of the translation I have that book in it might well be that the “Limited” was simply forgotten…

However, in the Bionicle Encyclopedia the power is called “Limited Invulnerability”. In that book there isn’t any description of what the power actually does, though.



IRL me does not like attention.

■■■■■■ Greg.

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