Which sets should i buy?

Alright.Now some of you may remember that i made a very similar thread a few months ago.So after i got some good results in some difficult exams,i can get a few bionicle sets as a reward.
Problem is, in my country the old ones are pretty rare and expensive.
I did manage to find a guy who offers pretty good deals and has a decent amount of sets up for sale.Here’s the full list:

  • Lewa Nuva
  • Onewa Hordika
  • Nokama Hordika
  • Gali Nuva
  • Onua Mata
  • Matoro Mahri
  • Vakama Metru
  • Pohatu Phantoka
  • Strakk
  • Reidak
  • Hewkii Inika
  • Hakann
  • Takadox
  • Kalmah
  • Ehlek
  • Matau Hordika
  • Rorzakh
    To be honest now, i kinda wanna get a hordika guy (maybe Matau) and two other sets.
    Some suggestions would help.

Can’t go wrong with any of the Piraka or the Barraki.


Some of the older sets can be hard to find, so maybe prioritize any set from 2005 or earlier.

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Speaking from personal experience, I would definitely go for Vakama Metru as one of your picks, he has a lot of playability with his multi function weapon (it can be a launcher, though can also be put on his back to make a jet pack) and gear function, great articulation, and a cool mask.

Go ahead and purchase one of the Hordika too, doesn’t matter which one since they are all the same.

Not sure what to pick for a third, maybe one of the Piraka.

I’d definitely try and grab a Piraker and Toa Metru. Barraki and Hordika aren’t worth it IMO.


You should get him, he has gold pieces which is cool, he has a Zamor Sphere Launcher, a nice saw, very nice spine piece.

Or if you don’t care for him,

you could get


The older sets are hard to find for a good price, if you’re getting a good deal from this guy, I’d suggest one of these three


Piraka or Metru. Personally I’d go for a Mata since I only have one incomplete Mata set, but choose which ones you might not have.

First of all,i would like to thank all of you guys for giving me suggestions and trying to help me with this problem.I really appreciate it.
Now, let’s see…
@Stoax Indeed, but i already got Whenua Metru and he’s a lot similar.I was thinking about getting a set from a wave that i don’t have any sets from.Also,not a big Vakama fan.I’ll probably pick Matau Hordika tho,as i always liked him.
@Booster_Gold Already got Reidak,was thinking about getting Hakann as he’s my favorite Piraka.I would do an exception from the thing i mentioned above,just for him.

For a third set, i was thinking about either getting Lewa/Gali Nuva, or Skull Warrior/Basher/Slicer from the summer wave.Any suggestions?


I’d get one of the Barraki. Their good sets.

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Well, it all depends when your first bionicle set was, like me if my first set was the Visorak, (I forgot which one) I would buy a visorak for the experence, then buy some sets before and maybe sets after you didn’t get. It seems like a good strategy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about getting Lewa/Gali Nuva,since i don’t really have any Nuva sets but on the other hand,i desperately want to get Skull Warrior from the summer wave.

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I would probably recommend getting the Nuva sets first, since you don’t know when someone else will pick them up, and this might be your best chance at getting them. Plus, you still have several months (possibly an entire year) before the summer sets start coming off shelves. Also, you should wait for sales to come for the summer sets. If you purchase them too soon, you may regret not waiting to get them at a cheaper price.

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I have $45 to spend on the sets, and I want to know the best combination.

Buy all the stone sets. nothing else.

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Including skull scorpio?


Tahu and Ikir
Lewa and Uxar
Possibly Onus as a standalone set if you want, not the best unity mode in the world.
Or Umarak, works with all creatures.

Those are my suggestions based on vast majority of opinions, not just my personal bias.