Which Toa Nuva are most likely to die?

If the story continued past 2010, which Toa Nuva would have been the most at-risk to die?


In my opinion, Tahu would be a prime target since the Golden Armor is a valuable set of artifacts (and he is one of, if not the most powerful Toa)


I would say Lewa. I don’t know how he manage to survive all this time along.


Tahu wouldn’t die because he’s the face of bionicle.

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I mean, at least the Dark Hunters or Marendar would at least try to kill him

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yeah, but lego would never let their main character die

Lewa got infected with a mask, wore a krana, got possessed by Tren Krom, got captured by a skull spider hawk, got his mask taken by Skull Slicer, and got imprisoned in the city of the Skull Raiders so I would say anything can happen to him :stuck_out_tongue:

@Cordax eh, i see your point, but we cannot completely rule out the possibility


For me, I would say Gali, not because she is less powerful or less cautious, but I think that she would be the first of the TOa Nuva to sacrifice herself to save one of her team mates. In my head what makes the most sense is maybe Lewa or Tahu about to being killed or to die for something and Gali sacrificing herself to save them.


Well, the golden armor is no longer functional, and only worked for him to begin with. The Kraata powers are in Tahu, not the armor.

I kinda agree about Gali, but honestly I just can’t see them ever killing off a Nuva. I could see Kopaka or maybe Onua sacrificing themselves.


The Toa Nuva aren’t invincible though, so it could be a very real possibility. They almost met their demise at the hands of the Bohrok-Kal and the Piraka.

I actually think it would be Pohatu or Onua. I especially think Pohatu because of his death in the alternate universe.


I’m pretty sure Tahu and Kopaka also died in the Toa Kingdom, if that’s what you were talking about

I actually kind of agree.

It’d be too easy to kill off Lewa, and after all he’s been through I don’t think it’d be satisfying for him to die in yet another horrible incident.

Tahu is just too powerful, plainly.

Gali would maybe make the most sense, but I do also agree with what others have said about either Pohatu or Onua also being candidates.

Eiher way, I don’t think any of the Nuva would ever die in a straight fight. If one of them were to die, it’d be as a sacrifice for someone else.

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maybe kopaka, sacrificing himself as a contrast to his cold exterior, and the loss would affect tahu too

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Yeah, the Kingdom. I guess I forgot that Tahu and Kopaka died aswell.

I feel like Pohatu would be the most heartbreaking. Lewa is obviously the most danger-prone, but Pohatu was always there to be a friend. A funeral for him would be the saddest part of the story, hands down. As the most impactful, imo, I think he’d be the most likely.


“Most likely” in what sense? From an in-universe perspective, or a narrative one?

In-universe, definitely Lewa. No further comment needed.
Tahu comes in second, because he’s a big target. People have been talking sacrifice plays, but out of the remaining four I’d say they’d all be willing to do that pretty equally - Gali’s just the most obvious. Pohatu and Kopaka are both on the Red Star, though, so they’re in a pretty dangerous spot. Following them, the person in the next most imminent danger is… you guessed it, Lewa. :stuck_out_tongue:

From a narative perspective, definitely not Lewa or Tahu. Tahu’s kinda iconic, and he’d probably be one of the ones who would be more affected by a death in the team, too, (especially because he’s the leader) so he’d be an odd choice. Lewa would be even worse because it would be predictable and, if handled incorrectly, could come across as a joke.

Pohatu, Kopaka, and Onua would all be equal most likely picks here. Onua is the silent guy and the least vocal of the Nuva - I think he would catch readers off-guard the most. Kopaka would be interesting because it would show how much he’s grown as a character - out of all of them, his would be the only one that I could really see that would say something about his own character arc, rather than just playing off the others or pure shock value. It would also shake the whole team, particularly Tahu, Gali, and Lewa, who he tended to argue with the most.

And Pohatu would be an absolutely heartwrenching character to see go because out of all the Nuva, you could say he’s the least flawed and certainly the most friendly. He has strong ties with the whole rest of the team, and never seems to really have serious issues with anyone. It’d be pretty devastating, and would have the most long-term impact on the team, I think. But he’d also be a more predictable pick, because he’s (unfortunately) a generally less popular member of the team, and because he tends to get the least development out of the group.

Gali would also really affect the team, but suffers from an issue that Kopaka does, too - losing her character would really unbalance the team dynamic. While all the Nuva bring something to the table for sure, Gali, Kopaka, and Tahu all play a pretty instrumental role and have some of the loudest voices when it comes to decision-making - losing them could cripple the character development of the remaining Nuva as a cohesive unit, if not handled well. Conversely, if done properly, it could be interesting to see how the team has to cope when not having one of those three around, so it could work.

Very good question, by the way - not sure that I’ve ever thought about it, the Nuva always feel like such a permanent part of the story, and it’s kind of sad to think about five of our original “Six Heroes” going through the same trauma that the Mahri did. (How I wish we got to see more post-07 Mahri…)


Ice characters have a trend of sacrificing themselves :rofl:


Also pohatu, poor pohatu just wanted to be friends.

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Honestly, I feel that Kopaka’s sacrifice will have the most impact on the team because if he does end up sacrificing himself, it will show that he has actually changed in character. The other Toa haven’t gone through as much development as Kopaka and Tahu so the impact would be less



ToaKebaka made an excelent suggestion that Marendar is going first to get Toa Tuyet. Since Marendar would be drawn to her larger than average elemental power.

Lewa is closest Toa to Tuyet at the moment. After Marendar has dealt with tuyet he will go to Lewa since he is Toa Nuva.

Would Artakha allow Tuyet to die in the hands of Marendar? Let’s be honest the answer is no buuut she is kinda a brick.

I wish none of them die per se but they sacrifise their power and become Turaga. Allowing a new generation of Toa take their place.

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