Which Toa Team would Takanuva rather join?

I know, this is mostly a hypothetical question, but considering his connections to both teams, why shouldn’t one ask himself this?

So, basically after everything that happened in the final battle with Teridax and let’s say, in a hypothetical later situation, where the Toa Nuva aren’t split, which team would Takanuva rather join or acompany?
The Toa Nuva or Toa Mahri?

He definitely worked with the Toa Nuva quite a few times and probably also learnt a lot from them.

As for the Toa Mahri, they were basically the matoran, he “grew up” with and certainly has some rather strong bonds with. Especially Jaller, since they lived through a lot together and were like best friends.
Also, since Matoro sacraficed himself, the team would be short a member. (I know that six isn’t a number, set in stone, but the Toa Mahri are definitely less complete without Matoro)

On a power level, Takanuva also probably better fits the Toa Mahri.

What would be more likely? You can probably answer this question best, since you know those characters better than anyone else.

Thanks in advance and with kind regards,