Whispers in the Darkness

Hello everyone on the Boards!

So here’s something you probably don’t know about me: I have chronic neck issues.

Yes, I am constantly moving and shifting and twitching my neck and head, and it’s probably due to my really poor posture while I’m drawing.

To alleviate this, I was gifted a brand new drawing tablet for my birthday about a week ago. It’s actually similar to the first tablet I ever had as it’s a normal pen tablet and not a screen tablet, thereby allowing me to keep my neck upright while drawing. I haven’t actually drawn using one of these tablets in a few years, so there’s a bit of a curve to relearn that muscle memory.

Long story short, I drew this as a bit of a tablet test.

The inspiration was my DM’s description of a dream Connie (my D&D character) had one session, and a bit of improv I did very recently using the same description. Connie is a tiefling, so there’s a bit of demonic influence going on there that my DM described as a “swirling, murmuring, black sea” with nearly inaudible whispers.

In moments of extreme terror or pressure, Connie retreats into this “black sea,” but feels as if some other force guides his actions.

That’s about it. Here’s a cookie for you if you also have bad posture: :cookie:

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I’ve always really liked Connie’s design whenever you posted pictures of him, and this is no different. I think you captured the feel of the event you described really well here.

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Ah man, thank you! That means a lot!

Have another cookie! :cookie:

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I like Connie
Also this is really neat! It’s a bit hard to tell what things are, but that’s also part of the charm and, well darkness of it.
Really well done!

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