White Knight (V. 3)

So this is probably my final version, since I feel that i improved the chest by making it more compact, but I would like to hear if you guys think it's not compact enough which would result in another hour of completely rebuilding the chest sigh /s.

Previous version's silhouette:

Back to current version:
Back with weapons

Back without Weapons

This is going to become my new profile pic, it's an awesome angle:

New sword design, tell me which one you think is better

Size Comparison:

Constructive criticism was taken in while upgrading it, and I hope to receive more so I could make him even better.



The chest and feet still bother me, but I still like it overall

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The chest is really nifty now, although now the feet seem a little out of place.


@SwagMeister @AdamusTheFirst okay, so feet are being altered, aka toes are closer together. Will post new pictures with the new feet and better lighting tomorrow. If you have any other ideas on how the feet should be done, let me know, and I'll try it.

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Looks good. The blade does seem to be a bit small, on the other hand.

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@Yveran I made a new blade a little while ago, along with bringing the toes closer together. Will update this topic with new pictures once I get back from an eye appointment.

@Yveran @SwagMeister @AdamusTheFirst I updated the feet and took better pictures, and included a bigger sword.

I doubt that this is even his final form!

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This is a good sword, use it well, looks good.

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Cool! The way it is built is brilliant!

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