Who are your most powerful OCs?

Coming off of this topic right here, who are your most powerful original characters? Not from Bonkle this time, but from anything you've made yourself? stuck_out_tongue


I've been working on a fictional world, and the most powerful character would be Emperor Joshelf.

You and me both stuck_out_tongue


Oh boy... at the moment: My self OC and his partner http://fav.me/d8rreyx

But this is only counting original OC's. I may update this reply sometime later on though.

I once had the idea for a story focusing around a crazy homeless guy dressed up in a deadpool costume trying to be a super hero. I also contemplated including a Mary Sue female superman to act as a foil to his character.

I decided not to though, as it'd be too cliché even if doing it ironically.

Aside from that, nothing much else.


Been working on a comic and the most powerful beings in the universe are basically old gods.



I don't usually like making over-powered characters, but characters of mine like Emerald Man and Ms. Matter come into play as people who are difficult to injure.

Well, there's the SQUEAVER KAITA.

Spartan 4728 (Halo OC)
Anthony(RWBY OC)
Toa Dambro(Bionicle OC)
Kyoryu Forest(Nonsensical Kyoryuger OC)
Dominic(Ninjago OC)

All of them combine to gain powers, physical augmentations, auras, elements, zyudenryu, beaver tails, and Spinjitzu abilities of eachother, which is what the Squeaver Kaita is.

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Ho boy. I've had a guy with magical abilities in one story. In another story, I had a guy who could control energy and a girl whose body was literally a black hole for energy. She has no energy (literally, not figuratively). I mean, she san move, walk, talk, all that, but her body contains neither kinetic nor potential energy, no heat energy or chemical energy, nothing.

I've been meaning to ask this, but I never found the right time: What exactly is a Squeaver Kaita?

Well, in this one universe that I have been working on for about a year or two now, there exists this one robot that, with technology stolen from the late 30th Century (a device that can reduce that space between the constituent atoms of an object [in layman's terms, a shrink-ray] and an anti-graviton field generator), can take any object (car, airplane, aircraft carrier) and reduce its size, tear it apart, and store the pieces in its frame. It can access this equipment at any time and build just about anything onto its frame (need an airplane? It extracts the necessary parts, enlarges them to their original size, assembles them around itself, and BOOM, airplane).

This shrink-ray + anti-grav-field technology is also responsible for the huge boost in artificial intelligence in the early 23rd Century. (take a three-yottabyte memory drive the size of Rhode Island, shrink it to the size of an Xbox controller, and use the anti-grav generator to nullify its absurd mass).

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My original post-Avatar: The Last Airbender fan-fic had a main character that was absurdly powerful. He was:

-An Earthbender
-A Metalbender
-A Firebender (don't ask)
-A master swordsman
-A master knifethrower
-A chi blocker
-A master gymnast/martial artist

My 12-year-old self's thought process for this guy was: "I'm gonna give this guy all of the coolest abilites that exist in this universe, no mater how absurdly over-powered and canon-breaking he may be." stuck_out_tongue

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It is when all six of those OCs unite, they fuse together to become the Squeaver Kaita. So since it is six, maybe it should be called Squeaver Nui?

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Perhaps, but it would be a real pain to sift through TN-EA, Crystal Bonds, and Arcadia just to switch "Kaita" with "Nui". So I'd keep it as it is.

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The most powerful characters in LoAz are based on characters from mythology, albeit my interpretations of them.

This OC of mine I've been developing called The Catastrophic Echo. It's basically a sentient suit of armor that can open up Iron Man style and let someone pilot it. This temporarily fuses the minds of both beings, making them into essentially one hyper intelligent creature. The powered nature of the armor allows the new being to be faster and stronger than before, as well. It can adapt to any form with two arms, two legs and a head.

JMP would be in the top 20 I guess... lemme state some of his powers and other OP characters in my universe

JMP: A being who can turn his being into magically resistant nano-machines, has a stand(Look up Jojo's Bizarre adventure or something)/Spirit, The shadow, Summons an ice broadsword, Green Emerald fire Katana(Both emerald in it's fire and blade), Has a mystical item that is absorbed into him called the Eyes and Chains of By'Zaire, which summons chains and eyes on his arms and allows him enhanced attacks and abilities. With his nano-machines he can turn into a giant mech or quickly move, and control things. He also drains souls and has his soul and collection of captures souls in a crystal, called the 'life gem', controlling the body/nanomachine swarm and allowing him magical power

The Alpha: An alternate version of my character Vent/Sentinel VX who is an alternate version from an 'ultimate origin' universe who is crazy strong, so strong he had to be incased at the core of a planet to prevent the destruction of the universe

Vent: with only the life crystal keeping him alive, he has a high latent magic ability, a high healing factor inaccesible at times, enhanced abilities, a rare DNA type allowing him to wield special weapons, and the ability to turn into a glowing form called "Spectrum Form", allowing him to use a special sword, and have DBZ- levels of flight and fighting skill

Derkayes: A villain who utilizes crystals and powerful magical gems and serums to keep himself young, powerful and alive. With a long extended life, he has the ability to summon crystals, use super-human feats, and summon constructs. Unlike JMP or Vent, Derkayes turns into a giant purple crystal infused monster with high power, essentially hulk or abomination. He also has an unbreakable resolve and a lust for power, and always has ways of coming back or existing

JMS: An evil clone of JMP, instead utilizes an artifact called a 'storage crystal' to keep his soul inside. His body, however, is organic, and has a lower regenerative ability, but still durable. Another ability caused by the crystal is the ability to copy powers. Being an opposite to JMP, JMS absorbed the Vines of a powerful toxic plant,.the spirit of a light-oriented spirit, and two eyes from generic demons. Unlike JMP, however, he does not rely on souls for sustainance, and withstands some attacks that might stun JMP

Iota: a 'relative' and adopted daughter of JMP(complicated story is complicated) who is a reality bender and jumper, holding god-like powers but unable to control them. In possible future timelines/universes, she could be able to create and destroy entire sections of the multiverse.

Psycho-Matrix Dragoon: A giant Spirit in the shape of a dragon(Ala with a huge barrel chest, floating fore arms, a tail bellow the waist, and beefy dragon head) with a purple transparent form covered in metal armor with 2 floating arms(or more) with big rediculous claws. The beast's size varies, being from over 140 KM to possibly being taller then a colossal titan. The Dragon also has energy blasts and general magic-elemental control

Thunder Lord Zhaep Bizzert: (yes his name is an attempted pun on lightning) an evil being created from energies and formed with the elemental powers of thunder/lightning. This villain is contained in a tall armor, able to use electrical shocks able to fry beings. He is also nigh- unkillable, being an energy being. His energy form can enlarge to gigantic proportions and can summon electrical enemies. His only weakness seems to be 1000 Metric Tons of Liquid Water, 20 metric tons of Rubber, or a black hole.

I could think up of more, but as apearant as it is, all my original characters are related to myself in some way, shape or form...


Seeing as the ones I mentioned in that topic were not BIONICLE......

....I guess it's just those over again...

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I just remembered a few shmucks that I left out of my first post.

A trigger-happy gun nut who, following a freak accident at a steel mill, replaced his lower-arms with mechanical versions that had gun barrels built into each knuckle, hence the name.

Each arm can fire several differing kinds of ammo in several different ways, ranging from a simple, handgun-esque method to converting his whole hand into a Gatling gun (with a couple of shotgun functions in the middle).

Is often seen wearing a vest made of ammo-belts (which, in turn, is stocked with buckshot magazines), which is pretty helpful for a guy who's only truly happy when he's standing waist-deep in a pile of spent brass.

Doily-Man (not as stupid as he sounds)
Raised in a very posh household by three sisters and an extremely prim governess, the poor, unfortunate Rodrigo Mathias Candlebelt III spent his time surrounded by all manner of Victorian-era fluff.

Upon admission into the Grittier and Edgier Academy for the (Filthy-Rich) Up-and-Coming Evil Mastermind, Rodrigo decided to use what had tormented him all his life into a weapon that would strike fear into the hearts of all who opposed him. This Tormentor of his childhood days was none other than the prissiest table-cloth ever invented. The Doily.

Borrowing about two tons of galvanized steel sheets, he got to work crafting such an absurd amount of doilies that he was sure that there would still be enough for his grandson to continue a decent career as the Doily-Man.

His Doily Shooter is a device that spins the doily (to give it stability) before firing it Frisbee-style at whatever poor sap its aimed at.
It is also capable of storing fifty doilies in its on-board hopper plus an additional seventy-five in a separate magazine.

He is also experimenting with Shield-Doilies. You throw it on the ground like a Bubble Shield to activate it. When activated, the user is surrounded by a impenetrable web of energy shaped like a finely crocheted doily.

There is another guy, but I totally forgot almost everything about him except for his weapon and a vaguely ninja/knight motif.



Prime Angel: So, imagine that in a race of hypertech conquerors with instant kill weapons, there is one who doesn't stop at instant kill weapons but rather has the incredibly potent ability to turn its own armor into a giant mortar cannon that fires energy bolts that rip apart anything that has mass, quite fittingly called the Mass Ripper armor.

Now imagine it still retains the other incredibly powerful abilities from the rest of its army, such as teleportation, flight, weaponry formation, and invisibility.

Ek's 2D shifting powers don't have a THING on that. You can't hide from a Mass Ripper because...well...even if you're 2D, you still have some form of mass....

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This guy is... well...

one time, he took a binary star system, and slammed the suns into each other at the speed of light squared, just to see what would happen.

He's that powerful