Who do you think these makuta are?

These are the winners of the contest that brought us the look of Makuta Miserix but there’s four other Makuta we don’t know the indentities of.

The Makuta who don’t have appearences are Kojol, Tridax, The Makuta of Stelt, the Makuta who was killed by Zaria, five Makuta that sided with Miserix, and an unknown amount of Makuta that died on missions or by Teridax.

I think the Makuta on the top left is Kojol due to the black and gold armor that we associate with him today. But if the top left isn’t Kojol I think all these Makuta are the four out of the five Makuta that sided with Miserix due to them winning the same contest that brought the look of the Makuta they sided with.


I don’t think that they have any story relevance. They were created to represent a new character.

Also, none of these could be Tridax (if you’re following canon at least), since Tridax is confirmed to be purple and red.

These are some pretty cool makuta builds though.


Yeah, unless there’s a Greg Quote out there that “canonizes” them in the same way the Pit Prisoners were, they’re just winning models, nothing more. Nothing wrong with headcanoning them into something more though!

Personally I find it really interesting that the top right one has some sort of filter problem or lighting weirdness that makes it look yellow. Has anyone attempted to recreate any of these (outside of Miserix, of course)?


I haven’t seen any Greg Quotes that canonize these models but I would like to see what others think about who these models could be.

People have recreated the top right but I haven’t seen anyone recreate the rest. You can see the recreations here, here, and here.


To answer your question, Dead. probably


Idk, maybe we should hold a cannon contest and viciously argue over it. Seems super important.

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Beyond that, two of them are wearing the Kraakhan, presumably on the idea that Miserix wore it before Teridax. Would it be weird to have at least two other Makuta wearing similar masks?

We could just call them False/Pho Kraakhan and say they’re powerless but worn to honor the leader of the faction

They’re not canon anything, and I don’t really want them to be. They don’t really fit any canon Makuta. Two of them have Kraahkan.

But they’re great as inspiration if you wanna fill out the brotherhood with background characters. I love it when fan art of characters uses inspiration from material like this


Canon wise, they’re nobody, and should probably stay that way.
That aside, they’re all (to varying degrees) pretty solid builds and make for great inspiration. In my headcanon, the bottom-left one is Miserix’s default form - has a great reptilian influence while being sufficiently humanoid for occasions where a 20-foot-dragon isn’t appropriate.

The others are also foundations for how I imagine some of the other Makuta.

(Incidentally, if anyone still happens to have a copy of this magazine, a higher-resolution scan would definitely not hurt.)


They’re not supposed to be anybody. I based my Kojol on the black and gold one but that’s about it.


Wasn’t Miserix a new character back then? Therefore any one of these could be considered to be possible canon.


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No. The winner of the contest was canonized. The runners-up were not.


Let’s just say the rest are canonically members of the species.

Canonically, they aren’t, but there’s really no reason they couldn’t be. Also remember, Makuta can ■■■■■■■■■■ too. These models are approximately as canon as Makuta Nui, in the sense that they are forms that the Makuta could take, but have not done so canonically.

The only difference is that Makuta Nui is recognized as an official model by Lego, while these are not.

EDIT: why did it censor s h a p e s h i f t?

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omg how have I never noticed this before

I think these make for some cool background Makuta, even if none of them are officially “canon”. I might have to keep them in mind if I want a Makuta design down the road.

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look at the second half of that word very carefully

I definitely spelled it right. I had the same thought, and double checked.

Or does the mere similarity get it censored?