Who is going to Brick Fair NJ?

Who going to Brick Fair NJ? Thats all. :slight_smile: Here is the link for tickets and dates. https://www.brickfair.com

definetly not me, call me when they host it in Spain


Oh, I’m sorta near NJ. What’s the date?

Nj? Forgive me I’m Canadian where is that?

new jersey
literally right next door to new york city

also is that where they’re hosting this year’s brickfair? if so i guess i’ll go lmao

@PeppyBricks Sep. 13 or 14. @HewksDKowlihad Yep, thats where this years brick fair is.
@RogueToa NJ is right under new your city. :slight_smile:

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Ok then, sadly I won’t be going.

@PeppyBricks Ok, you should try to go next year though. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try.:grinning:

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