Who is your Least Favorite Teacher?

Let's face it, we've all gone to school in at least 1 point in our lives, and now you can bad talk about them behind their back. You can either say their real name or come up with a similar alias for their name.

My least favorite teacher is my high school P.E. teacher, Mr. Trimble

It's not because I hate P.E. (which I do) it's because he's not the best teacher


I had a professor for Pre-Calculus, she was Chinese and had a very thick accent. Combine this with a few other problems and you've got a bad class. confused

granted, I got an A in that class, so I must have learned something...

All my teachers are terrible.

Oh wait. I'm homeschooled.


or maybe you are a genius


Well, my Mom is my teacher stuck_out_tongue


cmon guys

I'm homeschooled too but I came up with something...

have you seen my posts here? I'm about as smrat as the average Cowrie Shell

Mrs.-Freaking-Patterson my LA teacher

I never liked either of my science teachers, but one teacher I liked marginally more because, as I quickly learned, he didn't care how I wrote my name or even if I wrote my name on papers.
On one paper, in the name box, I wrote Guess. Next paper, I wrote "Guess again", then I wrote "Don't guess", and then I put "Don't have one", and then I wrote my name upside down, and I still got A's in that class.


I had a devilish teacher in sixth grade. I also currently have a horrible tacher.

A lot of my science teachers were fairly boring (except my 6th grade and current 9th grade physics teacher).

Currently my calculus professor -_- because he tries to cram way too much into 50 minutes


Found him.

Apparently he's against negotiating with the Irish Republican Army.


Ms. Devotti from 5th grade.

Way back in grade 2 (I think) I had a terrible teacher. All my friends like to talk about how she yelled at the class for whistling when it was a bird...

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nope not him

I don't like naming names, but I have had a few teachers I didn't like. Primarily those ones were females. I dunno why, but all the guy teachers I've had were pretty awesome.


The high school band directors made me quit band.

Also, my second grade teacher was absolutely awful.

Long ago, there was a teacher that I commonly refer to as Mese Fellowee because she always reminded me of a crazy Elite Zealot. She yelled at me why I was "so different." In class once. Also, she yelled "I'm not a hippie!" At me when I held up peace signs. I had some fun times in that class though.

Pretty much all of my sixth grade teachers (aside from the art teacher, who was pretty cool) were horrible, as were the students. Sixth grade quite honestly remains one of the lowest points in my life to date.

Ironically, most of the rest of my school experience has been pretty good, with the exception of the art teachers. I had one in eighth grade who was incredibly condescending to several of the students including myself, and frequently gave preferential treatment to subpar works simply because they followed the directions more closely.

The art teacher I had from ninth all the way through twelfth grade (She and the TA were the entire art department at the high school) wasn't nearly as bad (and in fact I have to admit that she's a major factor in my present art skills being halfway decent) but there were several times when she and I butted heads over how I did my shading.

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everyone after 8th grade, there were some good ones but most were terribad