Who taught Ekimu and Makuta to make masks? (G2)

Everyone was taught how to do something. So who taught Ekimu and Makuta on how to make masks?

What do you think?


Clearly, it was- *sniped
*falls onto ground, dead
*rip in bits, Onyx Underscoreson
Really, though, there was some sort of "higher power" in this new universe, if I'm not mistaken. It was likely them.


2 Words: Mata Nui


Either Mata Nui or Artakha might taught them how to make Maskes of Power.


they were bored and decided to make masks to spook each other


There were more masks makers before them. Maybe the mask makers used to have their own tribe of skilled craftsmen (like the Po-Matoran).


I think either they're either part of a larger group of mask makers, or they were tasked to make them by a more powerful force.

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Not everyone is taught their craft. Obviously someone had to have been the first. I think that they were the first.


They probably weren't taught, but rather inspired by their own masks.

Here's My Idea how they learned how to create masks:
I say that Makuta learned how to make masks from an unknown "father figure" of Makuta and Ekimu and passed it on the tradition of mask making to his son Makuta. So Makuta was once known for making great masks. His father had made the mask of control and the mask of creation which he gave to his sons. The mask of creation was prized and makuta wanted it, but Ekimu was blessed to have it. Once Ekimu had the mask he was able to create greater masks than his brother. One day their father made a powerful masks that combined multiple elemental powers into a mask. On that day their father tried to wear it the mask became unstable sending him through a time where he was no longer remembered. So both brothers made it a sacred law to make masks with no more than one element. After the "death" of father Makuta had felt like he could no longer be recognized for his talents and grieved because Ekimu became a better mask maker. Makuta became sloppy at making masks because of the grief that father blessed Ekimu and not him. So Makuta wanted to prove to his worth by braking the sacred law that the brothers intiated. So makuta was created the mask of ultimate power!

(Father= Vakama Protector of Time, and his mask of power was the Vahi.)


Great Beings...


It's probably Mata Nui if anyone we already know about. He's just such an important figure from G1 I can't imagine them leaving him out.

I don't know who made this, but every time I see it, chills run up my Piraka spine.


oh I know who made that

this guy ToaLuhan

A league of Mask makers sounds interesting.

I decided to read this topic and at first I was like "self taught man." But then I saw this post and this picture, and my eyes where opened.

Lego you better do this. If you don't I will be very disappointed with you.

Well anyway I doubt this theory, will ever be more then just a theory, a Bionicle theory.