Who was your first Toa Mata and do you remember the day you got it?

My first Mata was Onua, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I got into BIONICLE in 2008, and I had craved an original set since I read the encyclopedia and found out about all the cool stuff they had released in the years before. It was October 2010, Stars had just been pulled off the shelves in my local stores and HF was in full swing.

I was over at a friends house, playing with Tahu stars, and my friends mother came in and asked if that was LEGO I was playing with. When I said yes she said that my friends older brother kept all his old LEGO downstairs in one of those big plastic containers. She said whatever I built I could keep, so I tried to build the biggest thing I could so I could get a lot of pieces.

After digging for about 10 minutes to see what kind of pieces I have to work with I find a white piece I know I’ve never seen before, but it seems familiar somehow. I put it aside, thinking it’ll be important. Almost instantly I find Matoro’s mctoran disk, and I recognise the piece instantly - it’s a mctoran body. I dig around some more, and realized I’ve completely overlooked a bunch of kanohi, mata bodies and even the canisters.

After I realized there were pieces to all 6 mata, (and Matoro) I stayed down there for 4 hours, trying to put together all them, using only my memory, the tiny promo photos and the image from the manual that were printed on the canisters. I was able to get most of all 6 sets, but I was only able to complete 1.

The most I parts I was missing were on Kopaka, missing the feet, kanohi, brains and sword.
On Lewa I was missing the axe and Kanohi
On pohatu I was missing the hands
On Tahu I was missing the flame sword
On Gali I was missing the Kanohi

I kept what I had of all the Toa, hoping to one day to complete them, but I cherished my Onua figure and I still do to this day.

Oh, and yes, I did complete Matoro.


I distinctly remember getting Tahu Mata first. Although my first set ever was Kohrok. I remember it particularly because the ball joint piece from Tahu’s chest was missing.

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I got mine this summer. All six at once… it was a glorious moment full of awe and amazingness.


@BioRaiders532 Lucky. :smile:

My first and so far only Mata is Gail. I got her around the summer of 2013.


I distinctly don’t remember dumbing out a Tahu Mata all over a table and nagging my parents to build it for me.

… I don’t have any mata… :cry:

I have the parts to four nuva, somewhere, though.

and I have gahlok and turahk on my shelf, I always preferred the villain designs.

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I knew BIONICLE since 2008 as well but my parents don’t believe in buying off the internet so I don’t have any 2001-2007 BIONICLE sets :’(

My first and only Mata was Kopaka. I got him a few years after the fact from a friend who had outgrown Bionicle

It is impossible to outgrow BIONICLE or LEGO as a whole


I’m so sorry for you. :cry:

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I wasn’t even born when the Mata came out ; ;

I have a confession,

I do not own any sets from 2001 :frowning:


Ah yes, time to share my old tale

IT was a regular, lonely morning. My parents had left for work and I, a 3-4 year old, wandered around. As I reached the living room, I looked at the door and, standing stock still, was Tahu in his canister. At the Time I didn’t know anything of Bionicle, so I crawled or walked(I forgot) and soon reached it. I opened it and followed the constructions, creating Tahu and playing with him. It was a good day


I technically never got any of the Toa Mata. A couple months ago, at BFNE2014, I got Tahu Mata with a red Miru instead of a Hau, which is the closest I’ve gotten.


Jeez, most of y’all either never got the originals or got them late. SCRUBS

But yeah, I got my original Mata back in 2002. le 5 year old me gets Pohatu for whatever reason. It’s too difficult for me, so I get my dad to help me put it together. And it was fantastic. I then proceeded to lose his mask for roughly 5-6 years.

I got the rest of the Mata that year, excluding Kopaka. My parents would always get me one for whenever I accomplished something important. (e.g. I got Gali when I learned how to hold my breath underwater). I didn’t get Kopaka Mata until…2008 I wanna say? for Christmas. Getting Kopaka was especially cool (no pun intended) because I had been asking for him since 2002. I then proceeded to bring the Toa Kaita to my first meeting of my Aunt’s fiance.

Wait, so you were able to assemble Tahu at the age of 3-4?

…Was I just an idiot or something? XD


I never got a single 01 set

I got some nuva sets in pieces scattered and I cant find the masks

I’ve got Kopaka and Onua at the same time. My parents bought em for me, and give it to me while i was watchin Teen titans

I got tahu mata a few weeks ago…

I myself believe that I actually got them all at once…kinda. I got a lot of my collection through lots off of eBay that I’d get for Christmas. I still don’t have a complete Lewa, as I do not have a Miru period, and instead have a green Hau, making me the opposite of @Chro.

Also, Chro, was that Fexore Mata or something like that? I remember a Matabuild with a red Miru being one of the first things I saw of your Flickr…

The closest to a Mata I have is Tahu Nuva. I have no 01 sets.