Who would want a new bionicle 2015 game?

I want a new bionicle game in 2015 because we had some G1 games on the gameboy and Playstation etc..
It' be fun with 2015 for PS4 and Xboxone and many more! It's be like a action game unlike bionicle heroes as a third person shooter, and that was an awesome game in G1 History, so I thought to myself why not a really great bionicle game for G2?


I don't expect us to get a video game in the first year, but I am sure if the product is successful, they will start working on a video game for consoles.

But, as for a game I would like to see. Probably something similar to Bionicle heroes.

Although, they could take an approach for something different, like a sandbox world game.

For example: Minecraft meets Battlefield, but BIONICLE.


yea bionicle as First person shooter would be fun like bionicle heroes as a third person shooter but bionicle the game was like a normal game but id love to have the graphics a bit realistic like they did with Bionicle heroes as the toy style unlike the bionicle the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic meets Bionicle. The reason I say the old republic is so that it could be like a so far in the past it has no effect on the current saga. Therefore we could have old stuff like voya nui as worlds.


I want an RPG like Skyrim + MNOG = BIONICLE: Island of Okoto

That would be so cooooooolll
(TES fan alert)


I might be on the outside here, but I'd actually like to see a Bionicle game in the style of traditional lego games.

Ehh... BIONICLE games from the past (excluding online games) don't have a good track record. The best game we got was BIONICLE Heroes and while good, it really wasn't all that memorable for me.

Though, I've always wanted a game where you could customize your character greatly. After the game loads up, you pick your species, element, gender, any specialized classes or abilities, etc. Kind of like a skyrim-style RPG or an MMO.


I misread the topic title as "who would you want in a Bionicle 2015 game," and immediately thoguht that Greg Farshtey should be a secret bonus character. stuck_out_tongue

Otherwise, I agree with the people who want an Elder Scrolls-type game.


Bioware-style western RPG with an open world. I would live that game.


Also with tons of endings!

This would be really good...


You get to the end, and it turns out the Star-Matoran has been controlling the Makuta this whole time. He forces you to choose between turning into an AI that mind-controls the Makuta, turning all beings in the MU into a synthesis of antidermis and normal biomechanical-ness, or destroying the Makuta but taking Brutaka's entire species and Alt Teridax with them. Meanwhile, the rest of your Toa team inexplicably crash lands on Bara Magna, but half of them die.


Okay. I get it. Mass Effect 3s ending wasn't the greatest. But I'm getting REALLY tired of these jokes, so pleae stop them.

But yeah I'd be super hyped for a Bionicle RPG.

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Sorry. I just played through the series a few months ago for the first time. The wound is still fresh for me. stuck_out_tongue But I agree, a good Bionicle RPG would be amazing.

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I want a Hyrule Warriors like game. Imagine playing as Omega Tahu and tearing through hordes of Skull Spiders!


Bionicle + Lego Island. All you do is deliver pizzas and fly helicopters as Tahu.


I want a game like Bionicle Heroes. That game was so much fun, I don't even...

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not everything is perfect

If bionicle 2015 got a game, what type of game would it be? What genre would it be?

@DragonicToa I agree! But the move sets are important, what would the move sets be like?

We can make one like hyrule warriors and call it Bionicle: legends

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actually it could be called LEGO bionicle: okoto toa
because toa means warrior in maori
wait, hyrule warriors confirmed bonkles!