Who would you spare?

solek is just a dream stan if kopaka cheated in minecraft speedruns

  • Carrapa the Rapper

  • Ancient and Guardian

  • The Mangai + Kodan who were killed by Eliminator

  • Reysa (Poor lad couldn’t even get revived)

  • Kinda want Karzahni back too, his death was a little underwhelming for somebody of his status.

I’d also say the Makuta of Stelt but I feel like his death would’ve been inevitable, I guess it was kind of fitting that he would be used to make a point of Miserix’s power. But he honestly didn’t deserve to die even after he pointed Miserix to the right direction.

Maybe Krika?

Maybe I’m a little too generous…


I’d spare Matoro. Anyone willing to sacrifice a life for a greater cause is worthy of being brought back.


I’d spare the random Mahri-Nui Matoran that managed to swim all the way back up to Voya-Nui.

Dude didn’t deserve to die. He made it so far.


That one unnamed Toa who Zaktan killed once.

He was my favorite.

Mataro because then everyone dies


let’s spare teridax for funnnn

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If we save Bitil, do all of his time traveling counterparts survive with him?


Takutanuva, pretty sure that being controled by a toa of light wasn’t part of the plan, so everyone lives???

even though i created this topic, i never said who i would spare. i would spare…the lizard. that lizard who Chiara killed’s death was utterly gratuitous on the behalf of Greg.


Poor Lizard, worst and most uncalled for death in all of Bionicle, RIP scaly boy.


wait a minute
was the lizard the last death in bionicle??


What lizard are you even talking about? Last thing i knew Karzahni and Anonna (Responsible for the death of the bara magna iron tribe).
The piraka who were lizard like in appearance were fused into a golden being entity.

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In The Yesterday Quest, Chiara used her Elemental Power to electrocute a random lizard just to make a point to Orde.

“What can I say? I got annoyed and pushed when I should have pulled.”

“That still doesn’t explain why–”

“After that, someone decided that maybe a gentler touch was needed for Psionics … so all the subsequent Psionics types were made female.”

“Right,” said Chiara. She shot a bolt of electricity from her finger, frying a lizard that had been sunning itself on a rock. “We females are so gentle, after all.”


rip lizard 2011-2011


@TheJerminator beat me to it.

personally i think my choice would have been either matoro or Karzani, i would have loved an awseome confrontation between him and lesovik

This is a difficult choice for me, because I feel like Greg killed off many characters really casually especially during the story serial periods, before they really got a chance to fully develop. There are a few that come to mind:

-Icarax: After Vorahk, my second favorite Bionicle, so ofc I was pretty disappointed to see him go in such an abrupt/painful way. The thing is I do think Icarax managed to get more personality development than some other characters, but I still think he could have been more of a major character and had more scenes in general.

-The Karda Nui Makuta in general: They also got a pretty good amount of development, but I feel like they could have had more. I would be especially interested to see more scenes with Antroz and Bitil since they were my favorites set-wise but I feel like they were pretty minor in the story overall.

-Carapar: This was honestly the most poorly done death I can think of. It just felt so random to me. Like I know Carapar’s mind was dulled by all of Takadox’s hypnosis, but he was also mentioned to be intelligent before all this happened, and attacking Tren Krom with a sword just seems unbelievably dumb. It just seems…wrong to me somehow. It feels like he just suddenly turned into a throwaway character to prove how powerful Tren Krom is, yet he’d been a pretty major character in 2007, he had a really cool set, and was actually pretty interesting personality-wise.

-Nocturn: Another really poorly done death imo. He was literally just mentioned to have died. Maybe he wasn’t as major of a villain as the Barraki, but he still had an appearance in the books and a cool set. It just feels weird imo for characters with official sets to be killed off in such a casual way.

-Nidhiki/Krekka: I feel like these characters could have gotten more development. I admit I wasn’t a huge fan of their personalities, but I really liked Nidhiki’s set, and overall I feel like they were killed before they got enough time to really develop.

-The Piraka: I’m not sure if they’re officially “dead,” hopefully they can still be unfused, but wth was that lol? They were main villains for an entire year and just get randomly thrown in a vat in one of the story serials and fused into this random monster. It just feels weird to me when major characters are killed off (or whatever happened to them) so randomly.

-Karzahni: Another pretty random/abrupt death for a character who’d had a large role in the story, and an official set.

Those are the main ones for me. Overall, I’d go with…Icarax. He’s my second favorite Bionicle set and I do feel like he had some room for more development, plus I feel like his death was unnecessarily painful, so yeah I’d save him.


One thing i would like to point out is that nuparu builds the boxor out of dead bohrok parts - out of the parts of his DEAD BROTHERS
i just find this beyond horrifying - its like making a canon out of your dead reatives


True. It’s not like he knew though.