Who's that Pokemon? Xbox content code prize!

I have a content code for Xbox 360 and One, and figured I’d get creative. First reply to guess the Pokemon correctly and leave an email to receive the code wins. Don’t guess if you don’t want or won’t use the mystery code…

-It’s generation is (246 + [-37] )divided by 69.666666666667
-Its gender ratio is primarily male
-It weighs 23.8 kg
-It can only be obtained by trade in Pokemon Y, HeartGold, XD, Colosseum, Firered, and Leafgreen.
-It has appeared in a Japanese event once for Black, White, and their sequels.
-It has a Pokeathlon total of 12/17
-It resists normal and electric moves
-It can learn attract as a TM
-It’s Mandarin Chinese name is 12 letters long

Guess correctly with an included email and I will email you your content code! Once the prize is given, use this topic to give clues like the one above and create your own games of Who’s That Pokemon! Good Luck!

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Aren’t contests held by non-masters disallowed?


Well this isn’t a moc contest… I’m not really sure here.

Sorry man but contests are a master-exclusive priviledge on the boards.