Who's your favorite Overwatch Hero?

I would really like to play it though.

Call me a complete noob but…

  1. Bastion
  2. D.va

Depending upon the day I play and how I feel, I either use Mei, Reinhardt, D.va, Lucio, Junkrat, Tracer or 76.
Of those my favorite to play is between Junkrat and Mei.

Reinhardt is my favourite character. I love his design, I love his story, and I love smacking people with a hammer.

Really though, I’ll play whatever I have fun with. D.Va, Mercy, Lucio and Zenyatta have always been up there, but lately I’m finding myself partial to a little Winston, Torbjorn, Genji and Soldier 76.

Roadhog and Junkrat are heroes I used to play, but I stopped after realising I just don’t have fun with them…

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I’ve never played, but I do have a least favourite, D.va, get some original designs Blizzard

My favorite overall is Reaper, an interesting backstory with stuff we still don’t know about, and when played right you can take down squishies and tanks alike to really give the name “Reaper”. Other personal favorites included Lucio: favorite support with probably the best character gameplay wise, Junkrat: SO FUN TO PLAY and Sombra: her backstory is my favorite as of this moment and with a high skill ceiling with so many ways to take down the enemy.

I remember the Beyblade meta. That was a fun time to play Reaper.


I can get someone saying this for mercy,(who is a copy of the medic from tf2) but why D.va?

I miss it dearly.

From a charcter design standpoint, Mercy shares very little with the Medic. Sure, they both heal with a beam, but would you say Widowmaker is a ripoff TF2 Sniper? They both have sniper rifles, that have a charge period whilst scoped


The heal beam is a much more Unique thing than a sniper that charges slowly.
People just often compare mercy and the medic as having similar functions.

And ana took the Uberchrage

And might I add that a lot of stuff was taken from TF2 cause the game was heavily inspired, not cause a lack of creativity.

Looks just similar enough to an Imperial Knight to piss me off, especially coming from the guys who made StarCraft

Well considering starcraft the whole point of her character, I don’t get how it pisses you off.

StarCraft in general tends to piss me off

But on the topic, I do like Reaper

If you take just a minute or two to look at it from some different angles, you should be able to see that her Meka really isn’t that similar.

It kinda bothers me how you could say that they are, completely seriously…

Unless the Imperium’s budget went through a few cuts, I don’t really see the resemblance. It’s not like D.Va is the mech, which is the case of the Knights. I like her character, especially since she comes from a military of professional gamers, and the fact that she is a Starcraft player makes it more enjoyable to me, a person who has never touched Starcraft.

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It’s the hunched over part, with the huge shoulders, it actually started when @Bigthwomp said an Imperial Knight looked like an Edgy D.va, ever since that comparison, I can’t help but look at the mech with distaste

Except, those aren’t shoulders, they are rockets. The weapons are attached to, and jut out of the centre mass of the Meka, not like Knight. As for the central section, with the Knight it is clearly a torso. D.Va’s Meka is much more like a sideways egg. The legs are also digitgrade, and give the Meka a rather unique stance.

From a distance, I can see where you might be coming from, but having looked over both, they are not the same…

  1. Reaper, because shotguns are fun.
  2. D.va, because chainguns are fun.

My personal top 3 are
3) Bastion
2) Sombra

  1. Mercy

They fixed Bastionnnnn