Why bionicle gen 2 may not live

1reason I can think of, will lego truly be able to mix hero factory and bionicle correctly like us moc makers have?

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yes. because Lego is Lego.

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Good reason but... any other reasons? Like the fact that the story could ultimately fail us older fans

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that is a possibility, but I think we should get the sets anyway, even if the story is bad at first, because if we stick with it, maybe it'll slowly evolve back into what we loved.


That's true. I don't think a story can get any worse then HF's but then again I don't want to jinx it. ~Detox

The only way the story will get as bad as hf is if the do the " one episode every year thing"

Don't forget the "Good Guys Always Win." Unlike HF, Bionicle always had Teridax waiting in the shadows. HF has the good guys have trouble, get some sort of plot required upgrade, and then proceed to defeat the villain of that arc.

EXACTLY! Why was there a convieniant oh we have this cool overpowered upgrade ready thing going on.

Let's wait a bit before we shoot a line thats not even released out of the sky...


Part of what made Bionicle's story so cool was that the Good Guys lost, at least temporarily. I always like stories where there is a sense of desperation, where all hope is taken away and the heroes still pull through. Bionicle fulfilled this, and it made me happy.


Because... NEW TOYS!!!

As long as Greg F. writes for it, we'll get something worth something out of it. But I do fear how good it will be , maybe it will fail, maybe it will be great. But I know at least we'll have some fun with it. The hype train is already pretty fun. stuck_out_tongue

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Well, I guess we know the answer to this one now.


It wont make the 10 years g1 made but I hope it gets an extension past 2018

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You never know. Ninjago was planned for only 3 years... and if we have the same story masterminds behind Ninjago as we do BIONICLE G2 then we might have some good luck headed our way.