Why Can't We Be Friends?

@squeaverking Why can't we be friends?

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You killed several of my renegade Spartans.

Understandable, the poor saps clearly deserved it though...

@Scarilian Why can we not be friends?

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Because you havent asked crunchs knuckes

@Kan Why can't we be friends?


'Cause the Red light district isn't big enough for 2 of us :^)

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@Scarilian why can't we be friendzs?

I want to know why I can't be friends with @DarkHenrik !

Because im not real.

im just a snowman you created because you were lonely.

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@CryoTrooper, mah fellow clone trooper dude

Why can't we settle our similarities differences and become friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well....for one thing, you shot me in the face:

And also because you're a fraud. That armor is almost as fake as your muscles. :unamused:


@Omega_Tahu what is it that prevents friendship between us?


You know too much!

Runs away



@Waj why can't we be mates

'cuz ur 2spooki


Time for me to address the elephant in the room.

@Mrblackpants Why can't we be friends?

Hey @MaximusPrime want be friends?

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Ayyy @MakutaTexxidos how come we aren't friends?

Because FIRRIB.

Sure. Though I don't quite understand what is going on right now.

@Hutere Why can't we be friends?