Why Can't We Be Friends?

@Xevins What prevents us from being comrades?

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@Mrblackpants the fact that I do not have friends.

Only minions who are still useful.


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@Hutere umm... Shoot... I forgot...

@Kan why can't we be amigos?

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Dude, you're a knight why would you be with the peasantry? :b

Because I'm on a quest and friends are folly, if they will only live to see me perish.
But if I weren't on a quest sure.

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@Plural Can we be friends?

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Friend is a synonym of chum, which also means fish fluids

i aint no fish guts


@Ekorak why can't we be the friendos

Because all of your recent MOCs are copy-paste generic creepy anime people.


Why can't we partake together in the realm of friendly boats?


that's pretty harsh, man.


@Xing1870 why can't we be les amies?

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Well there's one reason I can think of...

@Kopeke_Nuva Let us join sides in a game of kohlii?


$5 says I lose

@Whaddon, why can't we be friends?


@Cordak_the_Cynical_Makuta why can't we be friends?

@Oniwah, Why can't we be friends?

@Ned_Flanders why can't we be friends?

because oy vey

@Nyran why can't we be amigos

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@KAI_BORG what is it that prevents us from having the friend thing?

Because I vant to drink your blood!
And I am depressing...

@Omega_Tahu Vhy can't ve be friends?

Because of a poor attempt at a.... russian accent?

@moa why can't we be friends?

Oh, that's right