Why did antidermis cause mind-control?

Makuta’s antidermis had the effect of taking control of Matoran’s minds and making them slaves to the Piraka, but my question is, why?


I am not Greg so this is all conjecture and is not meant to be taken as an answer.

But Teirdax’s antidermis was still part of Teridax’s consciousness until it entered another being, as it wasn’t like Teridax had control over Brutaka once he was shot with the antidermis. So perhaps Teridax used his influence like how he influenced the Piraka to have one fixed goal on the Mask of Life to force the Matoran to have one fixed goal on obeying the Piraka without question. It’s never stated Teridax got his antidermis from the Piraka back, and we know the effect could only be reversed with a counter zamor.

Very curious to see what Greg says in regards to it. Always interesting to learn more about the Makuta.


Teridax was taking over the Matoran, I believe. He just made them listen to the Piraka so that he wouldn’t be revealed; as far as the Piraka knew, it was just some mind control substance.

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