Why did Makuta create the Time Trap?

Hello Greg,

First of all I just wanted to quickly thank you for still answering questions after all these years! It means a lot to me, and also the rest of the fanbase.

My question:
The first half or so of Time Trap consists of Makuta (Teridax) trapping Vakama in a vision, with his (albeit subtly stated) rationale being to trick Vakama into revealing the location of the Vahi.
This is all well and good, however, Makuta also has the power of mind reading (as a result of his 42 Kraata Powers).

And so my question is Why did Makuta bother trying to trick Vakama with this elaborate illusion when he could have simply gotten the information by peeking into his mind?

The only explanation I can think of is that perhaps Vakama’s mental “glitch” (that gives him visions) might have made reading his mind more challenging, somehow - although I cannot recall if his mind was read at other times in the story, which might conflict with this theory.

Thanks for your time,

  • Toa of Snow