Why did the Matoran stay away from the Southern Islands?

Hey all! First topic - hope I am doing this right.
Anyway, something from Bionicle G1 has bothered me for quite some time. Why did Matoran by and large stay away from the Southern Islands? We know from canon that the lands were barren and did not have much strategic purpose, but on the other hand the Matoran had thousands of years to expand using their immense technology which would mitigate that fact. Even the most remote places on our planet have some form of civilization (relatively speaking) nearby, and we have only been building civilizations for around 8000-6000 years. What kept the Matoran from expanding into the universe? Weren’t Matoran meant to keep Mata Nui going, and why would none of those critical tasks take place in his legs? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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If I remember correctly, another reason was because of extreme and unpredictable weather

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Really? That’s fascinating! Do you by chance recall where you saw that?

probably on bs01 when I first found it and read for HOURS straight

Im not even kidding

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Um, according to BS01, they didn’t, exactly.

They were driven away from their homes by Rahkshi. Also, the area seems to be filled with a bunch of hazards, from Energized Protodermis entities to raw Makuta essence. Not exactly the best place to live.

Would you want the imprisoned Miserix as your next-door neighbor? Or the Skakdi?

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I’m pretty sure Zakaz is further north.

Idk if I’d want to hang around too many of Botar’s species, though… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to resist the urge to plug the story I set in the Southern Islands :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite simple. They would die.