Why did the Toa Mahri need to destroy the cord?

Why did the Toa Mahri need to destroy the cord once they have the mask in their hands? Couldn’t Matoro just have gone to Karda Nui and used the mask without ever having to unleash Voya Nui from its spot?

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The Cord was formed by molten protodermis flowing from Mount Valmai, which cooled and acted as an anchor, securing Mahri Nui on Aqua Magna. It also kept the island of Voya Nui from drifting through the ocean.

The cord kept Voya nui from returning to its original place in the gsr.

In order to complete their mission, the Toa Mahri destroyed the Cord after evacuating the Matoran to Voya Nui so that the island could return to the Southern Continent, resulting in the destruction of Mahri Nui.

the gsr would’ve still had a massive hole in it if voya nui had not been returned to its place

True, but Matoro hypothetically could have used the mask right?

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As long as he was in the gsr when he did it.

While the return of Voya Nui was not strictly necessary for Matoro to use the Ignika, it needed to be in place in order to contain the energy from the blast, as well as if the Energy Storms were to ever be restarted.

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I don’t get why Voya Nui started sinking after the Cord was destroyed, but floated there long enough for the Cord to form in the first place.

Because the Staff of Artakha hadn’t been used yet. The staff’s power started pulling Voya Nui back shortly before the Mahri broke the Cord.


I always imagined the rising/sinking of voya Nui was possible due to immense pressure of the GSR forcing it upward and (somehow) the underneath contained enough structural integrity/buoyant air pockets to keep it lifted until the cord formed, but that these were gone by the time the Mahdi destroyed the cord.
Also, I think they had to return voya Nui they way they did, as mata Nui might not survive with the hole in his chest, and certainly would never be able to rise without it

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What confuses me is that the GSR should still have a big hole, right? Voya Nui patched the hole from the Southern Continent to Karda Nui, but there should still be a hole in the “sky,” right?

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There was, but it was fixed by the Staff of Artakha:

Okay, awesome! Thanks for answering a question that I’ve had for many years lol

Wouldn’t you want to plug the hole in your heart before using defibrilator?


It was Mata-Nui’s birthday.