Why did Velika go to Karzahni?

Hi Greg,

Why did Velika ever allow himself to be sent to Karzahni, assuming he had the power to avoid it? Did he go there intentionally?


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Simple. If he acts to avoid going, then he blows his cover.


Hi Greg, this got me thinking about the place Velika was sent from, so I have some follow-ups:

  1. Did Velika come from the same village that Lesovikk defended, the one whose Turaga went mad and shipped all of its Matoran to Karzahni? Or was Velika sent to Karzahni from somewhere else?
  2. The BIONICLE Encyclopedia says that Lesovikk’s Toa team was originally stationed on “one of the southernmost islands.” This is one and the same location as the Matoran village he defended, right?
  3. If Velika was from Lesovikk’s village, could there be a connection between the fact that Velika was the source of the “AI awakening” and the fact that the Turaga was mentally unstable?