Why didn't Lego make bionicle return until 5 years later

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Because Lego decided to test the waters with Hero Factory. They must've wanted to find out if the fans still liked constraction.
However, I guess with the growing demand of BIONICLE's return after the last five years, it seems we may just have that.


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Because 5 years just seems right.

4 years: The bad ending of 2010 would still be on everyone's minds
6 years: Everyone would have forgotten about Bionicle

5 is the perfect number



From what i've read and heard from the GregF interview, LEGO decided to pull the plug on BIONICLE when they did as it was still profitable, and if they were to bring it back, they would want retailers to remember it as a well selling line and not a shelf-warming line. As for why the waiting 5 years, they probably just wanted to keep rolling with HF to see how it would continue. With the declining quality of the story and dwindling interest in the line (so it seems at least), I think LEGO felt it was a good Idea to bring it back now to help sales with the constraction line. And from the looks of it, they are using alot of nostalgic elements to generate old and new fan interest.



I have a theory that everything they did with Hero Factory was to test out things for Bionicle's return, such as the TV specials and construction system.

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I have a theory... so feel free to read;

  • Bionicle was having a drop in sales which resulted in the lines cancellation
  • Fearing that Constraction sets were the reason why the line wasn't selling, they made Hero Factory with an incredibly basic/non-existent story
  • Hero Factory was selling sets however and the popularity increased to the point where they were considering a live-action movie
  • However, then the response began to change and in order to keep the story simple this meant that the associated show had constant cliff-hangers that were never resolved
  • Lego began to look at reasons for the decline and realised that the lack of a story was potentially their main issue, with nothing to connect the prior years sets with the next years
  • Thus Lego thought of a new strategy... bring back Bionicle with the Hero Factory parts, merging the two.
  • Bionicle would feature a simpler story with less complex heroes and villains, while maintaining the nods to a wider universe that fans have loved, hence the inclusion of mysterious ruins
  • Lego would then go on to probably replacing the former Hero Factory live-action film with a Bionicle live-action film

But hey! that's just a theory...


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or its just a theory........


the reason for that is because over my past experiences with finding out interesting thoughts and facts dont go well and goodbye little hobbit

-Legions of the Anti-HF fans grin smugly-

Interesting theory. Makes me wonder if Bionicle will get a TV series. Then again, if Chima did, so may we.

thats why the box art tahu doesent look like a set he is from the animated series

Makes sense to me! That's actually a very good explanation...

Watch, the reason will be something completely ridiculous. XD

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