Why didn't they just leave?

The Great Beings neglected the Agori and so, they got into trouble.

The Agori, as we all should know, found a silvery liquid bubble out of the ground
and the Agori made the most life-changing discovery ever.

When the Great Beings finnaly got their hands on some they made the most horrifying conclusion.

They faced their options and decided the best way to handle this was to:
-Stop the Agori (Using the Battera)
-Build a giant robot who would come and restore their world after the shattering.
(Where did they get all the protodermis to fuel this thing anyways?)

My question to propse to you is:
Why didn't they just leave?

I cant answer this question, but I can make an inference.

Something was on this planet and the wanted it.

They wanted it so bad that they made a Massive robot who would rebuild; littereally restore the world to what it once was in exactly 100,000 yrs.

My belief is that the Great Beings may not be as great as we think they should be. They seem to have a dark and mysterious purpose...


Well, we already know that the great beings aren't perfect. I mean, Velika is trying to kill a whole bunch of people so he can not have to deal with them while trying to take over Spherus Magna.


Who said that the Great Beings were pursuing whatever mysterious power for the purpose of evil?

Maybe they're part of a larger good faction that is attempting to find this power to prevent a larger evil force from disrupting the lives of mortal beings caught in the middle of the struggle?


We cannot truly know the plans of the Great Old Ones -spooky voice-

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What if you and I are both right and Velika is leader of the bad Great Beings, where as, Angonce isn't.

Or, Vice Versa...

I actually like that idea better - the Great Beings are a split faction, or are mostly good with a spy (Velika) in its midst...