Why dislike buttons are bad

Alright, @Nyran already made a good point about why we shouldn't have a dislike button, but...

What if it was optional?

Basically, when you post your post a bubble comes up saying,"Would you like to add a dislike option."

Why would we have this you ask?

Well, here is my reasoning:

A like button is just an easier and Cleaner way of saying:
I agree!


I see your point


Haha;lol;funny;[insert one word post]

So, if a 'like button' means, I agree...
Then, a 'dislike button' means, I disagree.

It's a quick poll to see how many people agree or disagree with your post or topic.

What do you guys think of an optional 'dislike button'?

Agree or disagree?
[Like or dislike?]

Edit: people apparently don't understand what I mean, so may I add this quote of mine.

Double Edit:
So as not to seem one sided, here are some notable counter quotes.

Triple Edit:
Alright, so Kahi, has given some input which I agree with.

So, as to keep this topic from being closed, what do you guys think about dislike buttons? What is your experiences been like? Do you think that other sites should get rid of theirs?


For those who don't know what this point was, I'll restate it here:

Adding a dislike function promotes bad blood and flaming between users.


Moving topic to Site, as it is a feature you think would be useful wink

I totally agree with you here. There have been many times I've wanted to be able to dislike something. I'm not sure if it can be added though due to the software used to run the site, but then again I've never seen the software.

Unfortunately, I also agree with Nyran. It could start some flaming. However, the idea of the little "would you like to add a dislike option," pretty much fixes that, although it could still lead to some flaming and bias.


Well I don't know, I dislike button would be readier then replying and saying "I disagree". But then again if someone gets 15 dislikes, there going to feel pretty bad and that may start some hatred. I'm in favor of not having a dislike button although it is a great idea.

No dislike button because Ngram made a good point

Maybe anonymous dislikes, or having the option to enable having a dislike option on your post. Howeve I doubt these forums have such an option.


May I restate my point.

I don't mean to just have a dislike button on every post, but a dislike button on posts that people choose to have there.

That means you are pretty much asking for what people think.

It's not for someone to make someone feel bad. It's a quick poll of the people that you would choose to add.

I do understand what Nyran has said, but I'm not asking about a generic 'dislike button', but an optional 'disagree button'.

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Well if someone dislikes something they can post telling why and explain why they dislike it. This is much better than just "I dislike" which can be misinterpreted and/or rude.

I guess you could add a poll thing to topics where you're asking for opinions.

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This is what I mean. Not a 'dislike', but a 'disagree'.

And, what if I'm lazy? Hmm??? wink

I just was wondering what people would of this idea for a 'dislike button'.

But, like you said, I doubt it will be implemented.

Edit: I had to edit myself for double posting. smile


I was saying no button at all. That would make dislikers and/or dissagreers have to explain in post form, not just state their side with a button.

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Dislike buttons basically open up a whole flood of negative community output. The reason we have a like button is because we want to promote discussion. If you're going to just say "Yeah, I agree!" or "This so much" or whatnot, that doesn't really add to discussion. So there's and easy and clean way to say that via the like button.

However, if you disagree with something, you are much more likely to continue discussion in a lengthy post as to why you disagree. As a wise man once said, "controversy creates discussion". So in essence, if we gave you a dislike button, we take out the discussion aspect and give users an easy way out of explaining their viewpoint.

It also subjects things to popular opinions or other outside influences instead of the post content; not that that kind of thing won't happen anyways, but I don't see the need to encourage it.

Basically, adding a dislike button would go against what we made this forum for to begin with. We already have our videos so you can hear our points of view. We want to hear yours.


Alright, I see your point. What you say is true, so…

I didn't even know you COULD set up a poll if you weren't a Mod/Admin. The only polls I've seen are strawpolls.

On topic, if you also wanted to disagree but not do it in public you could use that one flag option that doesn't actually cast a flag, but allows you to message that user, or just straight up PM them. Now that I think about it, I think that if you can't explain why you disagree, you shouldn't really be disagreeing.


Dislike buttons are not really necessary and would end up kind of having a negative input on the community for example;

'A MOC's receives a bunch of dislikes from people'

Just seems unnecessary, likes are better. If you like a topic then you give it a like, if you dislike a topic or are undecided then you don't, simple as that really