Why do MU inhabitants have gender?

Think about it

Why would the Great Beings assign gender to a groups/'races' of subserviant, sentient(after Velika came) robots with no... well nearly no biological differences what-so-ever? Imprinting on their creations? A tribute to themselves and the Bara Magna inhabitants? Personality-related powers and abilities? Some other motives? Discuss freely and don't involve controversial things into this

EDIT: I guess this could extend into gender-locking and other things, but we're talking about all the sentient races


The Great Beings based the Matoran on Agori, who had genders and supposedly reproduced sexually.

Matoran were imitation Agori.


yes.... but the question is... why even include gender when they have no reproductive organs?

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Because the Great Beings wanted variety in the Matoran.

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The answer lies in Orde.

Recall, he was male, and I assume that the GBs defaulted to that setting because most of them seem to be male as well.

However, as Orde so bitterly explained, his being male made the Great Beings assume that he wasn't "delicate" enough for the task.

So I can only assume Matoran Universe inhabitants are given gender based upon the outlook of the job they are set to do.

tl;dr Hardcore In-Universe Sexism


but why not just manipulate their personality/mentality/whatever to keep him from it?

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Gender is an identity thing.

Sex is a biological thing.

The whole point I'm making is that essentially, the Great Beings programmed some groups of Matoran to "identify" male, and some to "identify" female.

And when Velika threw his wrench into things giving all of them true sentience, they took the "identity" to heart, and truly believed that they were male or female based on mechanisms, when in reality, it was likely more of a mind thing.

It's very simple really.


The great beings weren't exactly around to keep tabs on the lives of matoran let alone control how they functioned.


Think of it as more of a computer system, and the males and females were made as programs for different tasks, The males were meant to be stronger and more of the physical workers, and the females were more of there to be more peaceful and accoplish different tasks,

and this.


They have genders, masculine and feminine. But they dont have sex, which you refer to as male and female. People use the "male" and "female" words to describe gender roles, which also confuses people and they will start thinking gender is same as sex, which it aint.

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Plot twist, the Great Beings just wanted to screw with the matoran by giving them genders but not the ability to love. It was their own twisted social experiment.


Because the Great Beings had feminists, too.

(anyone miss me?)


Fun fact if BIONICLE characters didn't have gender, I would not be here because BIONICLE would have died for me when I first found out they didn't have gender.

I won't explain because reasons but just throwing that out there.

Beyond that, because having everybody have a genderless form would seem to default to appearing male, and people would assume that everybody was male...it wouldn't end well for any potential female fans who wanted to have a character to relate to.

Then again I could be completely wrong. I'm pretty biased stuck_out_tongue


The difference between males and females is psychological, for the most part, I think. Why gender was necessary for a bunch of only initially part-sentient nanotechnology, who can say?

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